10 Disney Quotes That Work Perfectly With the Handclap Emoji

One of the best ways to add emphasis to anything you’re texting, tweeting, or posting anywhere online, is to add a handclap emoji in between each word. It adds a little extra something to any sassy comeback or hard truth. In case you need some examples of what we’re referring to, we took some of our favorite Disney quotes and added the handclap emoji in the proper fashion.


1. When Rafiki calls Simba out in The Lion King.
Rafiki hit Simba with some hard truths when the Lion king was trying to run from his past. This was just one of many Rafiki quotes that go hand-in-hand with the handclap.


2. Cogsworth’s gentlemanly directive to the Beast.
The handclap emoji is perfect for when you’re trying to drive home a cogent point. This would work particularly well to help Cogsworth’s case since he doesn’t have human hands (yet).


3. Genie’s advice to Aladdin.
It’s no stretch to say that Genie tried to advise Aladdin to tell the truth in every way, shape, and form. A handclap emoji may have helped express his point (but we’re glad Aladdin came to his own conclusions in the end).


4. Captain Jack Sparrow’s cry to the enemy pirates.
Enemy fire comes in the job description of being a pirate, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Jack Sparrow. However, we can see how it could get irritating. Fancy a handclap emoji, Captain Jack?


5. The Muses’ verse to Megara.
We’re not entirely sure that the Muses weren’t clapping during “I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)” but either way, this emoji works great in this context.


6. Tigger’s correction on his primary mode of transportation.
It’s a common mistake to think Tiggers jump, but don’t be mistaken. They bounce (and these handclap emojis will ensure you don’t forget it).


7. Dug’s feelings about the cone of shame.
Like Cogsworth, Dug has a human voice but does not have human hands. The handclap emoji helps emphasize a most important expression — the distaste for the cone of shame.


8. Mary Poppins’ subtle shade.
The handclap emoji is great for getting people’s attention. Mary Poppins is already a master of grabbing everyone’s attention, so she needs no assistance in that department. However, it’s hard to deny that the handclap emoji was basically made for a quote like this. It’s sassy, subtle, and tactful shade.


9. Flynn Rider’s demand to Maximus.
It makes us smile a little bit thinking about Flynn Rider actually clapping his hands at Maximus.


10. Bruce reciting the fish-friendly mantra.
The most important thing to remember when using the handclap emoji, is that it works in any situation where you need to draw importance to your words. And what could be more important than reciting Bruce’s Finding Nemo mantra?


What other Disney quotes would work well with the handclap emoji? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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