7 Reasons You Should Love Tangled, No Matter Who You Are

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like musicals, or don’t like animated movies, or don’t like movies period … you should like Tangled, because Tangled is just that good. We humbly present our reasons why:


1. Rapunzel is the kind of protagonist you love to root for.
Rapunzel with Pascal on her head from Tangled
Even though she’s been cooped up in a tower for her entire life, Rapunzel is interesting. She’s a talented artist and a true Renaissance woman, capable of entertaining herself with very little help. Her understated bravery, her sense of humor, her diplomacy skills, and her kindness all make her someone we wish we could be friends with in real life.


2. Alan Menken’s score is classic.
Pub Thugs Tangled Vladimir with unicorns
Disney fans know Alan Menken as the composer of the scores for The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Newsies, and more. The music in Tangled both rides that wave and adds to the legacy. It’s toe-tappy, clever, memorable, original, and every other good thing.


3. There’s no denying the magic that is Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert.
Ultimate Tangled Poll_Smile_Flynn
He’s a thief with a heart of gold. He makes us laugh without ever being mean. We like him from the second we meet him, and then he grows as a person and we like him even more. This character is gold.


4. The animation is magical.
Disney-Guide-to-Getting-Over-a-Breakup--rapunzel copy
And it’s magical in every single scene, whether we’re looking at the zillions of individual strands of Rapunzel’s hair or the detail inside her tower or the way the sunlight falls through the trees or all the colors as everyone dances in the kingdom.


5. Pascal is a super cute and super creative sidekick.
Rapunzel, being the lovely human that she is, deserves an equally wonderful sidekick, and she has that and more in Pascal. For one of so few words, he somehow manages to express exactly what we’re thinking, and his chameleon color-changing talents never fail to delight us.


6. Mother Gothel is low-key—the scariest kind of villain.
Other villains are overt in their evilness, easy to spot and therefore easy to know and avoid. But Mother Gothel’s evilness is subversive. She pretends to love Rapunzel and at least externally provides for her, when all along she’s using her for her magic hair. What’s worse, she uses guilt and manipulation to get her way (e.g. “Oh great, now I’m the bad guy”).


7. The floating lantern scene will make anyone cry.
There’s not much we can think of that would be more magical than sitting in a rowboat with someone you were falling in love with, surrounded by thousands of floating lanterns, on the adventure of a lifetime. This scene is the manifestation of Disney magic.


Tell us why you love Tangled in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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