Disney Characters’ Punniest Moments

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While Disney films have brought us songs, tears, and cheer, they’ve also brought us groan-inducing chuckles in the form of a good (or bad) pun from time to time.  Here are some of our favorites!


The Lion King
Lion King - Pumbaa, Simba & Timon - What's a Motto (Sponsored)
It’s our problem-free, pun philosophy.


Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast - Cogsworth - If It Ain't Baroque Don't Fix It (Sponsored)
This subtle reference was a real work of art and got our gears turning.


Winnie the Pooh
Rabbit: “Tie them together Piglet can you tie a knot?”
Piglet: “I cannot.”
Rabbit: “Uh, so you can knot?”
Piglet: “No, I cannot knot.”


Frozen - Olaf - Man Am I Out of Shape (Sponsored)
We’ve all been there. Case in point: After a full day of walking at the Disney Parks.


Finding Nemo
Marlin: “There was a mollusk and a sea cucumber. The sea cucumber walks over to the mollusk and says ‘with fronds like these, who needs anemones?’”
Dad jokes … are we right?


Genie: “Well I feel sheepish! Okay you baaa’d boy, but no more freebies.”
Since this moment occurred after Genie realized Aladdin had tricked him, we guess you could say Aladdin pulled the wool over his eyes.


Singer: I wish that the earth, sea, the sky up above
will send me someone to lava.
I lava you.
Be right back, overflowing with feels.


“Zero to Hero”: “From appearance fees and royalties, our Herc had cash to burn, now nouveau riche and famous, he could tell what the Grecian “earn”!”Painting-Urns-in-Hercules
Someone better call IX I I cause this pun is on intellectual fire!


If you love Disney puns, you’re going to love Zootopia (Walt Disney Animation Studios 55th animated feature coming out March 4). It takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals that enjoy getting rides with Zuber and shopping at Targoat. Speaking of which, be sure to stock up on exclusive Zootopia gear. Only at Target.


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