7 Ways Disney Movies Ruined Dating For You

We think the title pretty much speaks for itself, if you’ve ever watched a Disney movie, your dating goals are really high. Here’s what happens as a result:


You lean in for that sweet spaghetti kiss …
But all it gets you is an awkward stare and mariana on your face.


You want to frolic under a water fall during a romantic musical number …
But more likely, it rains and you listen to the smooth stylings of being stuck in traffic.


You go on hikes expecting to stumble upon a prince …
But you stumble upon a lot couples hiking together instead.


You have never been gifted a library whilst on a date or otherwise  …
This is our #1 complaint about dating in real life.


You always expect to be taken on a boat to a lantern festival (that may be secretly about you) on a date …
But instead you’re taken to a Disney movie, which is really great, but only furthers this cycle.


You wait patiently for the moment when someone asks you when you last let your heart decide …
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But instead they ask you if you’re gonna finish your fries. (Yes, obviously.)


You expect your date to turn a prince after your first kiss …
But he stays human. Not even turning into a frog, which, at the very least, would make for a good story.


Even so, in the end, you never give up, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Disney movies it’s that true love is out there and we’ll find it if we keep believing.

Posted 6 years Ago
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