The One Thing You Never Noticed About The Incredibles

Would you guys believe us if we told you that we think The Incredibles is set in the early 1960s?


Here’s our argument: According to Producer, John Walker, “Brad [Bird]’s watchword for the whole movie was that it should seem like the early-sixties vision of the future—TV’s Jonny Quest and Walt Disney’s original Tomorrowland. So we have things like the monorail on the island, which feels like it was designed in the early 1960s…”


Here are some other clues:


Take a close look at the date on Bob Parr’s newspaper:
Bob Parr reads the newspaper in The Incredibles

Monday, May 16th, 1962.
Close Up of Mr Incredibles Newspaper


Once you know to look for it, you’ll start noticing that the sensibility of the film is distinctly sixties.


Like Helen’s cord phone and the house’s retro architecture …
Helen Parr bathes Jack Jack in The Incredibles


Bob’s office tech …
Mr Incredible explains insurance options


All the retro cars …
Traffic jam in The Incredibles


And this kid, who is the living embodiment of the 1960s.
Kid on tricycle watches Mr Incredible in awe

Posted 6 years Ago
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