The Most Empowering Disney Moments

Everybody needs a little motivation now and then, and today we’ve got the perfect thing for you: We’re talking about those magical Disney moments that inspire. Those moments that fill you with hope, give you chills, and make you believe that anything is possible.


1. The Lion King – When Simba climbs Pride Rock.
The rain is pouring and the sky is dark. Scar has fallen and the Pride Lands will never be the same again. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Simba appears to ascend the rock. You feel the weight of each step, just as you remember the paws of the one who walked those steps before him. With a roar of vengeance, a new leader is born. This is his kingdom.


2. Toy Story – When Buzz Lightyear flies across the room.
04 buzz lightyear toy story pose cool
Sometimes, people will tell you that you can’t do something. This moment shows us that you don’t have to listen to them. Haters gonna hate, but if you apply some healthy creativity and believe in yourself, even toys labeled “not a flying toy” can prove their manufacturers wrong.


3. Mulan – When Mulan climbs the pole and gets the arrow.
Not all of us are gifted with the strength of a coursing river or the force of a great typhoon. But what everyone can do is work their butts off and put in 110%, so when the rest of the army decides to relax you’ve already retrieved that arrow.


4. A Bug’s Life – When the colony bands together to defeat Hopper and the grasshoppers.
A bug's life empowering
This moment is pretty much the epitome of empowering. It’s hard enough to organize five people to agree on a Netflix movie selection. Now imagine getting thousands of ants together to organize a movement. That’s powerful stuff. This movie teaches us that no matter your size, strength, or background, when everyone comes together, there’s no telling what you can achieve.


5. Brave – When Merida crashes the archery tournament and declares that she will be shooting for her own hand.
It’s hard not to get chills when we see Merida step up to the plate in this epic moment. She’s taking on the patriarchy and choosing her own fate, rather than letting it be chosen for her.


6. Pocahontas – When Pocahontas dives off the waterfall to meet Nakoma.
Pocahontas at the River
This moment captures the feeling we all have after signing an apartment lease or turning in an assignment. The worries are gone and now you can just focus on being completely free.


7. Monsters University – When Sulley tells Mike,“you’re not scary, not even a little … but you are fearless.”
Mike and Sulley at the Mailroom
So you didn’t make the softball team, got rejected by a potential employer, or aren’t scary enough. Sometimes as much as we try and as hard as we push, we don’t end up where we thought we’d end up … and that’s okay. We find this moment empowering because it shows us that life is as much about the journey as it is about the destination—and your destination will change, just like you will change as you continue to grow.


8. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – When Rey Force-grabs the lightsaber from Kylo Ren.
Fact: At least one grown adult in every theatre yelled out “YASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!” at this awe-inspiring moment. Having previously wanted no affiliation with the lightsaber, Rey steps up to the plate here, trusts her instincts, and accepts a destiny that most Star Wars fans only dream of. It’s a bold, no-turning-back moment that proves that when the time comes, bravery and courage can triumph over fear and hate.


9. Peter Pan – When the Darling children fly across the room.
Peter Pan You Can Fly
There’s something simply magical about this moment and it captures that reason why a lot of us fell in love with Disney in the first place. It’s the belief that even in this adult, rent-paying, laundry-doing, tax-filing world, if you believe in it and open your eyes to it, magic is everywhere.


So go! Live your dream! Seize your day! And run confidently in the direction of your dreams because, you can!


Which Disney moment do you find most empowering? Tell us in the comments.

Posted 5 years Ago
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