Everything We Know About the ’80s We Learned From Disney Movies

The ’80s were a pretty cool time. Before cell phones and the internet completely engulfed all of us, we had to entertain ourselves by going outside and using our imaginations—and by watching Disney movies. Looking back, we wonder what historians would think of ‘80s culture solely from the Disney movies that came out that decade as their reference. This is what we came up with:


In the ‘80s no one needed a hair brush if they had a fork …Who needs a brush?


It was common for people to just jump into their video games and explore The Grid …lightcycles


People searched for new ways of transportation and looked into human flight …CondorMan


Sausage scarves were all the rage in the world of high fashion …
Why should you worry


The coolest pet you could possibly own was an ant …

Honey I Shrunk The Kids


Nothing was as terrifying as an air conditioning unit …Scary AC


Everybody got their psychic readings from pigs …Psychic Pig


The greatest detective in the world was a mouse …The Greatest Detective


And the greatest thing in the world was friendship …disney-on-friendship-the-fox-and-the-hound


What else have Disney movies taught you about the ‘80s? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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