Watching The Luck of the Irish as an Adult

The year was 2001 and the undisputed “King of Disney” was Ryan Merriman. Coming off his star-turn in Smart House, Merriman graced the small screen once again for Disney Channel Original Movie, The Luck of the Irish. In our younger days, we all loved the story of Kyle Johnson: the star basketball player will all the luck in the world, but no idea about his heritage. It has been far too long since we last watched this Disney Channel classic, so one of our writers decided to re-watch it and chronicle his thoughts for your enjoyment on this St. Patrick’s Day. Here are his thoughts:


1. Such an ominous start. This music is intense.
2. True story: This writer went to the same Super Bowl party as Ryan Merriman in 2000. Nice guy! We played catch.
3. Did he just say “zonked out”? We should bring that back.
4. Is his dad Louis CK?
5. Magic of healthy living.
6. So much foreshadowing. Their entire house is green and gold.
7. What middle school has their mascot just walking around like that?
8. Check out those dance moves!
9. Kyle doesn’t believe in history. He only believes in sports.
10. Every student in this movie is wearing a necklace. Was that the style in 2001? Did I miss that trend?
Luck of the Irish friends
11. Cross-country skiing is the second sport he can think of?
12. “You can be anything you want to be.” #Zootopia
13. Those computers! Amazing. I miss my translucent teal computer.
14. Did you have to know your mother’s maiden name to get a credit card in 2001? Do you still? Is this why I don’t have a credit card?!
15. This poor kid probably thinks his parents are criminals … or robots!
16. I remember middle school when it was a big deal to touch the rim.
17. I still can’t touch the rim.
18. That was a cool transition.
19. Everyone he touches starts dancing … except Kyle.
20. Never mind. Kyle is the Lord of the Dance.
21. Is that Merida’s Irish cousin?
23. This cinematography is pretty outstanding.
24. Two thoughts here:
a. That arena is PACKED for a middle school game.
b. That crowd is brutal.
25. And that’s why you should always change your smoke alarm batteries.
26. Is this the same school from High School Musical?
27. I always wanted to dye my hair, too. My mom wouldn’t let me.
28. Kyle’s dad may be the happiest person to be from Cleveland, ever.
29. How did that one security guard throw both Kyle and his dad?
30. History of the Potato Chip 101.
31. Why isn’t she more surprised/shocked that he is a leprechaun who’s ears, hair, and height are all changing rapidly?
Luck of the Irish ears
32. He’s just getting back to the car? How far away did they park?
33. That’s an amazing car.
34. Reilly’s beard grew really quickly.
35. Disney Channel dropping some scientific facts about rainbows.
36. Seamus’ outfit looks like he stole it from Gaston’s closet.
37. “In America we don’t believe in kings. We believe in baseball.” Preach, Kyle.
38. Saint of the Step. Baron of the Breakdance.
39. A tie may not be a win, but it’s not a loss either.
40. I totally forgot about Kyle’s parents. It’s been awhile since we last saw them.
41. How is that a foul!? These refs don’t know what they’re talking about.
42. And how is no one questioning the old man sitting on top of the hoop in chains?
luck of the irish gran'pa'
43. The clock just jumped from :30 to :55.
44. Excuse me, Mr. King of the Leprechauns. That’s a reach in foul.
45. This movie taught me that Ireland is also called Eire.
46. This movie also taught me that Lake Erie borders Ohio.
47. This movie really gives a great American message. Land of opportunity!
48. He sings too!? What a talent!
49. Wait, the parents, too? Russell’s family? The whole audience!? What an amazing moment!
50. They can even harmonize!
51. What a way to end the movie! Fantastic message.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Posted 6 years Ago
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