Here Are 5 Amazing Disney Easter Eggs Hidden in Zootopia

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a fun Frozen Easter egg animators hid in Walt Disney Animated Studios’ Zootopia. Considering Disney is known for hiding a ton of references in their movies, we knew there would be more. And we were right! Today, Walt Disney Animation Studios released five more, which are pretty amazing to share with you all today. Enjoy!


If you look at the calendar in Chief Bogo’s office, you’ll realize that it depicts San Fransokyo, the city in Big Hero 6!

Here’s a closer look:


Next up is a shot of a Mickey plush stowed away in the stroller that’s passing by Nick Wilde.


It’s easier to see if you zoom in.


How about the Breaking Bad (or should we say Breaking Baaaad) reference that was right there in the open.



Or the awesome selection of totally-authentic movie covers:



While we’re really curious about what Pig Hero 6’s plot possibilities are, there’s something magical about the prospect of a Mew-sical set in the South Purrcific …



Last but not least, is a classic hidden Mickey. There’s one in Officer Clawhauser’s spots! See if you can find it:



Looking for references never gets old. Which of the above was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 6 years Ago
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