11 Things Only Siblings of Disney Fans Will Understand

If your brother or sister is a huge Disney fan, there are a few things in your life that are certain: You’ve seen every Disney movie under the sun, you’ve participated in a Disney sing-along on a family road trip, and you’ll always know exactly what type of Disney-related gift to get your sibling for their birthday. If our predictions hit close to home, read on to see if these things siblings of Disney fans experience are true for you:


1. Your family owns every Disney movie.
Princess VHS Tapes
As a sibling of a mega-Disney fan, you probably have every Disney movie on DVD, Blu-ray, and possibly even VHS. In fact, if you and your sibling are ’90s kids, you definitely owned every Disney movie on VHS and then probably begged your parents to keep them, even as the rest of the world gave theirs away and upgraded to DVD. Of course, your sibling likely keeps the old VHS tapes stored away even though they now own the same films in other, updated formats.


2. You have to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on Halloween and Christmas.
nightmare_before_christmas_santa_sandy (1)
Every Disney fan knows that one of the reasons The Nightmare Before Christmas is such a great movie is because you get to watch it on both holidays it references. As a sibling of a Disney fan, you are very familiar with this holiday ritual and have grown accustomed to celebrating Jack, Sally, and Sandy Claws on each of the festive occasions.


3. Growing up, your toys were never just toys.
Toy Story Andy
Toy Story was real to you and your brother or sister. You probably wondered what your toys were up to after you left your rooms, and your sibling likely strategized on ways to catch them in action. If you did ever catch your sibling’s toys moving around on their own, please scroll down directly to the comments section and tell us the full story about that.


4. A Disney Park will always be at the top of the family vacation list.
While your other family members may want to travel to different places, you already know where your sibling will want to vacation without even asking. Of course one of the Disney Parks will always be at the top of their list—however, as time progresses they may want to travel internationally to Disney Parks in other countries … or maybe on a Disney Cruise!


5. Borrowing your sibling’s ears without asking is a big no-no.
Everyone knows borrowing their sibling’s stuff is risky business, especially if you do so without asking. If borrowing a jacket or a pair of headphones without asking results in disaster, you don’t even want to think about what might happen if you borrow a pair of Mickey ears without your sibling’s permission.


6. You always had to play the villain in Disney movie reenactments.
Did you ever reenact scenes from Disney movies as a child? If so, you probably always had to play the villains from the films, while your brother or sister played the main character. On the bright side, Disney villains are extremely clever, funny, and interesting, so you probably had a good time playing them. But you can only be the bad guy for so long.


7. Somehow, you know all the lyrics to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.”
Learning Disney lyrics by osmosis is a part of your everyday life. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is an easy song to sing along to, but you might not realize you know every single word  until one day when you’re singing karaoke and find you don’t need to use the screen. Afterwards, you can send your sibling a text thanking them for unknowingly teaching you the lyrics to the song through repeated listening to the Mulan soundtrack and frequent re-watches of the movie.


8. Your sibling never gets tired of Rafiki-ing your pet.
Remember that moment when Rafiki lifts Simba up on Pride Rock? Of course you do. That action has now become widely recognized as a verb and is referred to as “Rafiki-ing.” If your sibling is a huge Disney fan, you’ve probably seen this done many times, only with the family cat, dog, rabbit, or other domesticated pet, as the Simba of the scenario.


9. You know the best way to cheer up your brother or sister is with a Winnie the Pooh quote.
Because Winnie The Pooh quotes are the best.


10. Mickey waffles are a foolproof breakfast plan.
Mickey Mouse waffles
Mickey waffles are the perfect solution for many difficult situations. Is your brother getting hangry? Get him some Mickey waffles. Is your sister indecisive about what she wants to eat? Get her some Mickey waffles. Every Disney fan loves a Mickey waffle, and that’s a fact.


11. You know that siblings are the greatest gift of all.
Your sibling’s Disney fandom is part of what makes them such a special person. You know that having them around and sharing life with them is the greatest gift of all.


What other things do you often experience as a sibling of a Disney fan? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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