This Is How Much Prince Ali’s Grand Entrance Would Actually Cost

The only thing more fabulous than Prince Ali is his entrance in Aladdin—and man, what an entrance it is. In case it’s inspired you to have a grand entrance of your own, complete with a world-class menagerie, we dove deep into the possible costs incurred by said entrance and did the math for you. Ring the bells, bang the drums, and make way for one Disney doozy of a rundown.


1. Seventy-Five Golden Camels
We researched the cost of an ounce of gold, multiplied that by the weight of a camel (they’re even heftier than they seem) and multiplied that by 75 … for the low cost of $1.91 billion! This is not a joke.


2. Fifty-Three Purple Peacocks
53 peacocks, specifically in purple, came out to about $13,780. (Puce peacocks, on the other hand, are an entirely different expense.)


3. A Zoo
Who wouldn’t want to own a zoo? So many exotic-type mammals to admire, so little time. Attending our local zoo every day for a full year would cost us $7,300. We imagine that if that’s the price of attendance, owning the zoo would probably be at least … three times as much.


4. Ninety-Five White Persian Monkeys
We’re not entirely sure that white Persian monkeys are an actual breed of monkey, but we did some research into comparable types. That put us back $4,655.


5. Sixty Elephants
In case one elephant Abu wasn’t enough, we’ll settle for 60 cute regular elephants which comes out to $540,000.


6. Llamas Galore
We estimate that the unit of measure for a “galore” must be a minimum of 20. If that sounds about right to you too, then we hope you have $100,000 to spare ($5000/llama).


7. Bears and Lions
No specific number given here, but by the rule of a plural measurement there must be at least two of each thing. Luckily for you, the Disney Store has Duffy the Bear plushes for $33 each and you can snatch up two Simba plush dolls for $40 together, on sale right now for $15 each!


8. Brass Band
We researched the average price of a five-member wedding band in our area. That came out to $2,085 for four hours. This song is just under three minutes long, which puts the cost of the band at $26.07. We can afford that.


9. Cooks and Bakers
The average national hourly wage for a cook is $22.40. The average hourly wage for a baker is $11.50. We again did the math for the three minute duration of the song, and that came to a combined $0.52 for both a cook and a baker. We never actually saw them make anything, but we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and round it to $1.


10. Birds that Warble on Key
One would likely want to have four birds for a rich four-part harmony, so for all four birds one would have to spend about $80.


We kept our cost estimates to what’s listed in Prince Ali’s song but there is the matter of supplemental performers left unmentioned—dancers, newscaster commentary, and thrown gold coins galore! But really, the final price tag for Prince Ali’s grand entrance? $1,920,665,938.07. We hope Genie accepts credit cards.

Posted 4 years Ago
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