This is What Happens When Non-Disney Fans Attempt to Caption a Disney Movie Screenshot

We all know someone in our lives that wouldn’t necessarily classify themselves as a Disney fanatic. Sure, they’ve seen the movies and they enjoy going to the Parks, but if you were to shout out a random quote or song lyric, they may be a bit confused. That’s okay. It’s never too late to start one’s Disney education. However, before that happens, we thought it might be fun(ny) to see how a non-Disney fan would caption screenshots from our favorite Disney movies. The results did not disappoint. These reactions are 100% real and spur of the moment.

“That’s a sad broken marshmallow. Or an emoji that just got squished. Is that a foot? Someone is stepping on a harmless emoji! Is that a barbell? I’ll go with ‘Why is someone stepping on that emoji?’ or ‘Sad deflated marshmallow.’”

“It’s like a Picasso. It’s as if Picasso painted Santa Claus. Is he flying?”

“Oh! That poor little pig! I’m also nervous that the owl is about to eat him! It’s so hard to find good window cleaners these days. He may be thinking, ‘That’s a very large spider on my window,’ or ‘Did you know I have a front door?’”

“Oh my. Sledding gone horribly wrong. That’s not how you use a flying saucer. He’s doing sledding wrong. You’re supposed to be in the sled. He looks like he’s having a terrible time. He’s definitely doing sledding wrong. He doesn’t look like he’s having fun, because he’s doing it wrong.”

“Ooh! So fierce! Watch out Beyoncé! I’m ready for the Grammy’s! Maybe, ‘Me when someone reaches for the last slice of pizza.’ She also looks like she’s ice-skating. Or ‘Stop! Look how good my hair looks!’ She could be practicing some really sweet dance moves for a talent show or a school dance. Just, ‘Fierce, fierce, hair, hair, Pas de bourrée, Pas de bourrée, fierce!’ Yeah. School talent show.”

“She’s sad that she doesn’t have the last one’s hair. She’s like ‘I wish I had the other one’s hair!’ Does she only have one eye? This is like Edvard Munch’s ‘The Scream.’ She’s also sad that she doesn’t have opposable thumbs.”

“That’s how I look every morning when I’m eating breakfast. He just found out he’s out of milk. ‘What do you mean, spoon? I don’t need a spoon!’ That’s the face of someone who just ate all of that oatmeal and then found out that there was French toast. Alternatively, that’s the face of someone who has oatmeal all over their face and then their friend said ‘Let’s take a selfie!’ And he’s like, ‘Really, right now? This is when you want to take a picture of me?’”

“Best friends forever … if your best friend is a horse. Pony best friends! This is every girl who’s ever had a horseback-riding lesson. They’re taking a selfie while comparing their hair. They definitely braid their hair together.”

“There must be something really good in that cup. He’s looking at that cup with great wonder. He’s trying to make that cup fall over with his eyes. He is practicing his telekinesis powers and trying to move that cup with his eyes. He’s not succeeding.”

“He has a lot of teapots, but he doesn’t know which one to use. He’s going to make some tea but it’s a big decision. You don’t want to commit too early to the wrong teapot. You don’t want to use blue when it’s really a purple day. Maybe he blames that teapot for not pouring itself. Disney movies are full of magic. The brooms sweep for themselves, so why can’t teapots pour for themselves? But I really think it’s more about choosing the right teapot. Choosing the right teapot can be hard.”

“Oh really!? Now cars have to go through TSA, too!? Is this an airport? Is this a car-airport? Do cars go to the airport? They make them take off their tires! [laughing] That’s so funny! Those cars look how I feel when I’m going through airport security. Why aren’t they TSA-Pre Check with their tires? Still better than the line at the DMV.”

“All this gold and no bananas? That monkey is upset because he is surrounded by gold and carpets, but not a single tasty banana. When your stupid rug friend won’t help you carry all the treasure out of the cave. Also, that monkey shouldn’t just look angrily at the camera. He should probably do other things.”

“Well hello, Mr. Monocle! What a fancy eyeglass you have. Well, he’s a fancy gentleman. That man is looking for the buttons for his shirt. He doesn’t have any buttons! He’s looking for his cup of tea. Pip-pip-cheerio! He is very excited because he just went to an antique sale and he spotted a really great chair to match his favorite chair, which he is currently sitting in.”

Posted 6 years Ago
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