Breaking: Finding Dory’s Hank Has Been Hiding in Every Disney Pixar Film

You know about the Pizza Planet truck and A113, but we guarantee you don’t know this: Finding Dory’s Hank has been secretly hiding in every single Disney•Pixar film, since 1995. From Toy Story all the way through to The Good Dinosaur, Hank has been camouflaged in at least one scene in each film.

The secret was so well-kept, that according to Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton, there are people internally who didn’t know about the “septopus” (Hank only has seven tentacles) hiding in every film. Stanton said, “Hank started off as a bit of an inside joke between those of us who were here at Pixar in the very beginning, but since then, finding a place for him in our films has become part of our culture. And I’m glad we finally get to introduce him properly to fans.”

Check out the video below, featuring Stanton and Ed O’Neill—the voice of Hank—to learn more about Pixar’s decades-old secret:

After years of voicing Hank, O’Neill’s character is finally getting his time in the spotlight in Finding Dory, coming to theaters June 17.

You saw some of the most classic Hank appearances in the video, but we rounded up the rest for you in the gallery below. Can you spot him?

Posted 6 years Ago
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