From the Desk of Disney Animators: Zootopia Edition

If you’re like us, you’ve probably seen your favorite Disney films more times than you can count. But, have you ever wondered about the wonderful people who animate them? We know we have! If you have too, you’re going to love the fun #FromtheDeskof series the official Disney Instagram page has been hosting. The images take you behind-the-scenes to the desks of a couple Disney animators who worked on Zootopia, including Kira Lehtomaki, Tony Bonilla, Kathy Bailey, Trent Correy and Michael Woodside! Enjoy.


Kira Lehtomaki

“This was from Tangled. I had a shot of Flynn’s hand taking an arrow and stabbing it into the side of the tower. Glen [Keane] saw it and came over. He’s like, ‘No, you need to make sure there’s tension and muscle.’ All that stuff. And I got really into it. I think this small hand shot is what got me, what we call ‘A-shots.’ I always look at this and it reminds me that there are no small shots.” #FromTheDeskOf Kira Lehtomaki, Disney Animator


Benson Shum

“It may sound weird, but it’s true. You put [your] mannerisms a little bit into your work. Even back when we were drawing, we always would. Whoever penned it, you sort of see them in that drawing, even though it’s not them.” #FromTheDeskOf @bshum79, Disney Animator


Tony Bonilla

“All the paintings are by Jim Finn, an artist here at Disney. Every year, they have a showcase where [people] sell their works at the studio and he had some of his paintings there. The records are from various stores that sell vinyl. I had to thumb through boxes and boxes. It’s tough to find ones from the 50s.” #FromTheDeskOf@tonymation, Disney Animator


Kathy Bailey

“I worked closely with Andreas Deja on The Lion King, animating Scar. We had real lions come into the studio to model for us and maquettes like these were created to help us understand our characters from every angle. It wasn’t like we could reference videos on the Internet like we do now.” #FromTheDeskOf Kathy Bailey, Disney Animator


Trent Correy

“Whenever I get stuck on something, I go to the cereal bar and eat the worst kind of cereal. You get all the sugar you can in one bowl. And then I sit there alone. And sometimes I go home. Sometimes, it takes a couple hours to think through the notes and reimagine your shot. If I get really stuck, I’ll do something else. I’ll just take an hour walk or take a long lunch or something just to get it back.” #FromTheDeskOf @trentanimation, Disney Animator


Michael Woodside

“I animated the scene where Nick is touching Bellwether’s fluff. I went to the zoo thinking I’d touch a sheep, but we didn’t get to it. My wife actually bought me some pineapple cotton candy to help me out.” #FromTheDeskOf @animwoodsy, Disney Animator


That’s just a taste of some of the images that were shared. To see the rest, head on over to the official Disney Instagram!

Posted 3 years Ago
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