Who Should You Cheer for in the NHL Playoffs as Told by The Mighty Ducks

For sports fans, this is one of the best times of the year. Baseball season is underway, American soccer is just starting, European soccer is wrapping up, and the NBA playoffs are at a fever pitch. But the most exciting part of late spring/early summer is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Even if you aren’t a hockey fan, the NHL playoffs provide some of the most exciting moments in sports all year long. With consistent action, a fast-paced game, and the best trophy in professional sports, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in the action.

Keeping up with the Stanley Cup Playoffs is fun, but it is much more interesting when you have a favorite team to follow. But what if you don’t have a favorite hockey team? Well stop your worrying because we have come up with the perfect solution for you! We took our favorite fictional hockey team (The Mighty Ducks/Team USA/Eden Hall Warriors) and compared the players to the teams that are still in the hunt for the Cup (as of 5/4/16).

Dwayne Robertson
Dwayne Robertson – Dallas Stars
The Stars have tons of firepower and are known for their offense and skilled puck-handling ability. Much like several players on the Stars, Robertson is known to show off a bit. Plus, Dwayne is from Austin, Texas. It’s almost a perfect match.

Adam Banks
Adam Banks – Washington Capitals
Just like Banks, the Capitals are dominant on the ice. Their talent may be the best in the entire league. The Caps had the best record in hockey during the regular season this year. Not everyone loves them, but they sure do respect them.

Julie The Cat Gaffney
Julie “The Cat” Gaffney – St. Louis Blues
Julie was perpetually overlooked as Goldberg remained the starter goalie, but her talent was never in question. Similarly, the Blues are a team with a ton of grit and determination and should not be overlooked. They have the ability to seemingly come out of nowhere and surprise you.

Lester Averman
Lester Averman – San Jose Sharks
The Sharks are a team with a ton of personality. They could even be considered the “goofy” team, as they adopted a stray cat and named it after one of their players. Both Averman and the Sharks are a bit underrated in their ability.

Greg Goldberg
Greg Goldberg – New York Islanders
Both Goldberg and the Islanders are full of experience. A bit feisty on the ice, they aren’t afraid to throw around a little trash talk. They are smart and have had to overcome a bit of adversity, but are staking a claim in their brand new home.

Jesse Hall
Jesse Hall – Pittsburgh Penguins
The Penguins are a fast and talented team with a ton of natural ability. Likewise, Jesse is one of the most gifted players for the Ducks. They play to their strengths and are always focused on teamwork. Pittsburgh is one of the more veteran franchises, and like the Flying-V, they keep the entire league moving in the right direction.

Luis Mendoza
Luis Mendoza – Tampa Bay Lightning
Speed, speed, and more speed. Tampa Bay likes to play a fast game. Sometimes they play too fast for their own good. Luis really is a great representation of the Lightning: resilient, strong-willed, always trying to achieve more, and of course, quick.

Fulton Reed
Fulton Reed – Nashville Predators
As 1/3rd of the Bash Brothers, Fulton got a reputation as a hard-nosed, aggressive player. Nashville is the same way. They have a ton of young talent that hasn’t truly discovered how much potential they have. They have a high power offense and should be feared on defense.

The Ducks
Tammy and Tommy Duncan, Terry Hall, Dave Karp, and Peter Mark – Wild, Blackhawks, Kings, Ducks, Panthers, Red Wings, Flyers, and Rangers
Finally, we mustn’t forget the teams that have already been eliminated from the playoffs. Similarly, we mustn’t forget about the Ducks who didn’t join the team for the Junior Goodwill Games. They were all very talented in their own right, but they just couldn’t make it past the first round.

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Posted 6 years Ago
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