Why the Angry Stove in Beauty and the Beast is All of Us During Finals Week

If there’s one person (or in this case, animate object) who understands the feeling of intensely planning for something, only to be woefully unprepared in the end, it’s the stove from Beauty and the Beast.

Though a little-remembered character, Angry Stove’s brief, but significant, appearances are like looking in the mirror during finals week. (While his real name is apparently Chef Bouche, for this purpose it’s best if we refer to him as “Angry Stove,” because that is what he is. Nay, that is what we all are, especially during finals week). Here are a five reasons why the Angry Stove is all of us during finals week.

1. He understands the pain of preparation gone to waste.



We first meet the Angry Stove in the kitchen on Belle’s first night at the enchanted castle. He is rightfully upset after Belle skips dinner, which he has worked all day to prepare. Angry Stove wails, “I work and I slave all day long, and for what? A culinary masterpiece gone to waste!” This is pretty much the equivalent of, “I read the entire textbook, and for what? An entire test that has nothing to do with the textbook!”

2. He has a breaking point, and he definitely reaches it.



No, it’s not. Just like when you reach your studying and test-taking breaking point (usually between test number 2 and test number 3), the Angry Stove reaches his breaking point when he realizes he needs to cook yet another stunning meal in a matter of minutes. There is nothing he can do besides stoke the fire and maniacally smile:


Is this picture of Angry Stove from Beauty and the Beast, or is it a picture of you going insane trying to study for all of your finals? It’s hard to tell.

3. He knows what it’s like to not receive credit for all of his hard work.


While everyone else is enjoying arguably the most fun song and dance number, “Be Our Guest,” Angry Stove is slaving away in the kitchen, MAKING ANOTHER MEAL, which he probably won’t get credit for. Sound familiar? It’s pretty much the same premise as that one time you were part of a group project, and everyone took credit for your work.

4. Because, look at this sequence of pictures and try to tell us that you can’t relate to it during finals week:






(Acceptance of fate).

5. When it comes down to it, Angry Stove is prepared and ready to go.



In this gif, Angry Stove is about to throw down on some villagers, which is pretty much you and that final you’ve been studying for for the last month. Despite going slightly insane from the late night study sessions, and the hectic, non-sensical finals schedule, you are ready for this test/essay/group presentation. You have what it takes to go in there and own that final.

And if all else fails, just be thankful that you get a vacation after your finals, because Angry Stove doesn’t. He’s trapped as a stove in an enchanted castle ruled over by a beast with anger problems. Seriously, there should really be a Beauty and the Beast spin-off starring the Angry Stove, called, “The Angry Stove From Beauty and the Beast Finally Gets the Vacation He Deserves.”

Posted 5 years Ago
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