Goofy’s Annual Summer Wishlist

One of the biggest trends right now is celebrity lifestyle brands. From Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to Jessica Alba’s Honest Co. and everything else in between. Besides using words like “curated” and “artisanal” in product descriptions, celebrity lifestyle brands aim to give everyday people a taste of the good life, which is why we believe Goofy should have his own lifestyle brand.

This is for people who want to live the “Goof life”—get it? Okay, okay, sorry for the horrible pun. Here are the items on Goofy’s Goof Life: Annual Summer Wishlist:

A Can of “Hi Dad” Soup

Hi Dad Soup from A Goofy Movie

Deemed by Max Goof as “not bad,” this thoughtful soup is a blend of edible letters, bits of hearty vegetables, and a brown-colored broth. It might not satisfy all of your hunger needs, but it will definitely tide you over while you wait-out Bigfoot.


Road Trip Game List

A list of Games from A Goofy Movie

Handwritten by Goofy on a scrap of paper for a rustic feel, this list of road trip games is exactly what you need to prep for your cross-country summer trek. Featuring classic games including 20 questions and road bingo, Goofy’s Road Trip Game List is functional for travel, and is a great memento for your scrapbook.


Goofy Bucolic Lifestyle Bobblehead

Fishing Bobblehead in A Goofy Movie

What a fun, curated knickknack! Dressed in overalls and holding a fish on a rod, this bobblehead elicits feelings of simpler times spent in the country. Place him on your car dash for an entertaining road trip buddy, or station him on a nightstand to give any bedroom a pastoral aesthetic.


Leaning Tower of Cheeza

Leaning Tower of Cheeza in A Goofy Movie

Although we’re guessing it isn’t organic, it should be noted that the Leaning Tower of Cheeza is made for decorative use only. This charming cheese sculpture is authentic in that no one else has ever thought to have made a replica of Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa out of a can of cheese. It is a must for anyone who loves a good, offbeat item.


Inflatable Life Jacket

Max Goof Wearing a Safety Vest in A Goofy Movie

As seen on Max Goof, this life jacket (which inflates to 500% of its original size) is a summer must-have. In the classic shade “tangerine yam,” let people know how serious you are about having safe fun in the sun.

Powerline Sunglasses

Max Goof Dressed as Powerline in A Goofy Movie

What is summer without a pair of chic shades? Crafted with super glue and recycled plastic, these authentic Powerline sunglasses are best used for a day spent out on the lake, at an outdoor summer festival, or while making quinoa in the kitchen (yes, you can wear these indoors).


A Bowling Alley

Pete's bowling alley in A Goofy Movie

Some say “impractical,” but we say “okay, it is impractical, but it’s also a great way to show others how awesome your life is!” So, why do you need a bowling alley? Because, why not?!


What other items from A Goofy Movie would you like to use this summer? Tell us in the comments below!


Posted 4 years Ago
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