10 Underrated Disney Characters That Changed Everything

Sometimes the smallest action can change the course of the future, especially in Disney movies. Every single character has a purpose, whether they are heroes or villains. If even one minuscule character disappeared from our favorite Disney movies, it’s highly possible that the outcomes would be dramatically altered. Sometimes we spend hours thinking about this. What if Aladdin hadn’t gone on a magic carpet ride with Jasmine? What if Ariel didn’t know about the human world? What if Belle never got to sample the delicious food in Beast’s castle? Here’s the characters that made magical moments like this happen, and why they are the champions of happily ever after:

1. Scuttle, The Little Mermaid

Scuttle shows Ariel and Flounder a dinglehopper in The Little Mermaid

If Scuttle hadn’t been absolutely horrendous at serenading Prince Eric and Ariel, Sebastian may not have been as inclined to create the beautiful masterpiece that is “Kiss the Girl.” Also, if Scuttle hadn’t been around to teach Ariel about snorfblatts and dinglehoppers, she may never have developed such a fascination with the world of humans, and thus may never have met Eric. We can’t even imagine a world where this didn’t happen. Thanks to Scuttle, it did.

2. Chef Bouche, Beauty and the Beast

Chef Bouche aka Angry Stove Cries in Beauty and the Beast

We recently spoke in depth about Chef Bouche’s emotional journey in Beauty and the Beast. We met Chef Bouche on Belle’s first night at Beast’s castle, when she refused to come down to dinner. Chef Bouche was devastated that his efforts to prepare a meal had gone to waste. Then, Belle wanted a late night snack and Chef Bouche stepped up and prepared to dazzle her with some of the most delicious food we’ve ever seen, including the grey stuff. If it weren’t for him, Belle would not have seen that most of the inhabitants of Beast’s castle were actually friendly and helpful. It should also be noted that a lot of the iconic moments between Belle and Beast happened over food, including the meal they had right before they danced in the ballroom. So it’s safe to say, if it weren’t for Chef Bouche, Belle and Beast may have been too hungry and grumpy to finally see something there that wasn’t there before.

3. Carpet, Aladdin

Magic Carpet in Cave of Wonders in Aladdin

Genie got Aladdin and Abu out of the Cave of Wonders. But, let’s not forget that if it weren’t for Carpet, Al and Abu might not have escaped the crazy hot lava river that exploded after Abu stole a ruby. Also, if Carpet weren’t around, Aladdin and Jasmine would not have been able to go on their famous magic carpet ride, fall in love, and become one of the greatest couples of all time. Thank you, Carpet.

4. Zazu, The Lion King

Zazu in The Lion King

Zazu was extremely annoying to Simba and Nala, constantly ordering them around. However, if it weren’t for him, nothing would have gotten done in the Pride Lands. Not a thing. Zazu clearly kept everyone in line and did so magnificently. Zazu was also the one to get Mufasa to save Simba and Nala when they were in trouble with the hyenas in the Shadow Lands. So, as much as Simba and Nala complained, Zazu kept them safe, and thus should be applauded.

5. Flit, Pocahontas

Flit in Pocahontas

Flit had an opinion at all times in Pocahontas and let everyone know it. We love him for that. He managed to keep Meeko in check, most of the time. If Flit weren’t around, we think Meeko would have gotten in a whole lot (more) trouble, and maybe would have caused Pocahontas to miss meeting John Smith. Also, Flit was not having it with John Smith when he first arrived, and thus helped Pocahontas see that John Smith needed to be schooled in the colors of the wind. If that hadn’t happened, John Smith would still not know why the grinning bobcat grins. Thank you, Flit, for being the squeaky voice of reason we all need.

6. Dopey, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Dopey may seem like the silliest of the dwarfs, but we’d actually like to surmise that he is the bravest. Whenever the other dwarfs were too scared to do something, they sent Dopey in first. Example: when the dwarfs made Dopey go upstairs to find out who was sleeping in their beds. We think if Dopey hadn’t been there, the dwarfs would never have gone upstairs, and thus never met Snow White. Which, of course, would completely ruin the title of the film.

7. Cri-Kee, Mulan

Cri-Kee in Mulan

Cri-kee, the adorable cricket, finally confessed to Mushu that he’s not really lucky (even though Grandmother Fa thought he was.) But we would like to suggest that Cri-Kee was lucky all along, because everything worked out pretty well for Mulan. Cri-kee also played a critical role in encouraging Mulan and helping her save China. He’s proof that even the tiniest of characters can make a difference.

8. Jaq, Cinderella


Cinderella received a lot of help from her animal friends throughout the movie, especially when she was locked in her room. Jaq and Gus-Gus carried the key to her room all the way up the endless stairs leading to the attic. At one point, Gus-Gus passed out and didn’t think he could make it, but Jaq encouraged him and finally they did. Then, when Lucifer tried to ruin it all, it’s Jaq who first stepped up to challenge Lucifer. If it wasn’t for him, it’s possible Cinderella would have been locked in the attic, and Prince Charming would never have found her.

9. Pub Thugs, Tangled

Rapunzel and Pub Thugs in Tangled

We couldn’t choose which Pub Thug was the most important (who can choose between Vladimir and Ulf?) so we chose them all. If it weren’t for the Pub Thugs, Rapunzel and Flynn might not have been able to escape the pub when Maximus and the royal guards came looking for them. The Pub Thugs also played a key role in getting Flynn out of jail. If Flynn hadn’t gotten out of jail, he wouldn’t have been able to go to Rapunzel’s tower and tell her she was his new dream. Sigh.

10. Marshmallow, Frozen

Marshmellow holds Olaf in Frozen

Sometimes we think Marshmallow is misunderstood. He was just doing his job, keeping everyone out of Elsa’s ice castle. If Marshmallow hadn’t thrown Anna and Kristoff and Olaf out of Elsa’s castle, and chased them through the snow, forcing them to fall off of a snowy cliff, they might not have bonded so quickly. Anna and Kristoff might not have made it to the Trolls in time, and Olaf might not have made so many hilarious jokes about his butt. All of these things were made possible by the one and only Marshmallow.

We couldn’t be more amazed by all of the characters, big and small, inanimate and human, animal and snowman, who came together (whether they were trying to or not) to make sure that the main characters in our favorite Disney movies succeeded. They are a reminder that every person counts, and every action we take could chart the course to someone’s happily ever after.

Posted 5 years Ago
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