We Just Remembered the Movie A Kid in King Arthur’s Court and Here’s Why It’s Everything

I was pondering life one day, as one does, when for whatever reason I suddenly thought about the 1995 movie A Kid in King Arthur’s Court. I hadn’t thought about this movie in a long time. Memories of how it shaped my childhood came flooding back. I immediately ran to our Oh My Disney media library and grabbed up a copy of the DVD and held it in the air like the treasure it is. This gem of a film combined everything I loved as a child (and still love as a grown up): baseball, magic, and adventure. I played baseball as a kid and would always linger in the dugout after games in the hopes that I would be magically transported to King Arthur’s court. Alas, I never was, but watching this movie is the next best thing. Here’s why:

1. The long intro of cobwebs and Merlin’s reflection in a pool of water.
The movie starts with Merlin telling us that he needs a knight. Then the movie immediately takes us to present day where Calvin Fuller is about to go up to bat in a baseball game. He is the underdog. He plays on a team called The Knights. The irony is not lost on anyone here and I love it.

2. The really amazing ‘90s quotes.
The opposing team’s pitcher says, “Hasta la vista, Fuller,” right after Calvin strikes out.

3. The combination of baseball and medieval ages.

4. Thomas Ian Nicholas.
He plays Calvin Fuller and I definitely had a huge crush on him growing up.

5. Calvin Fuller falling through the tunnel when he’s transported from the baseball game to Camelot.
It’s the best thing ever. I will be reenacting this until further notice.

6. Calvin Fuller’s overreaction to landing in Camelot.
He yells and it’s hilarious.

Calvin Running to Castle in A Kid in King Arthur's Court
7. The villains are just the right amount of frightening and ridiculous.
We know Lord Belasco is evil immediately, mostly because of the stripe of grey in his hair, and the evil knights around him. Also because he is making evil plots in the dungeons with his evil knights.

8. The discovery that Kate Winslet is in this movie.
Kate Winslet plays King Arthur’s oldest daughter, Princess Sarah. She’s so classic Kate Winslet even before she was Kate Winslet.

9. The actor that plays King Arthur, Joss Ackland, is also Hans in The Mighty Ducks.
The Mighty Ducks is my favorite Disney movie of all time. I recognized Hans immediately when I was re-watching A Kid in King Arthur’s Court. I wonder if I made this connection when I was a kid. I feel like I’m learning it for the first time.

10. “I choose combat rock,” and “That was no clamor, that was rock and roll” are actual things that Calvin Fuller says.
He puts his headphones in a medieval horn and blasts his rock music to the court like a champion.

11. Everyone calls him Calvin Fuller from Reseda.

12. Calvin Fuller introduces the idea of the Round Table to King Arthur.
You’re welcome, history.

13. Calvin Fuller’s hair when he’s not wearing a baseball cap.
It’s out of control. And it’s fabulous.

14. Speaking of hair, Merlin also has crazy hair.
Merlin mistakes Calvin’s hair for an animal on his head. Takes one to know one, Merlin.

15. Calvin says, “Everybody picks me last.”
Not for long, Calvin. I love a good underdog story.

16. The discovery that Daniel Craig is in this movie.
Daniel Craig plays Master Kane. This was before I even knew who Daniel Craig was! Again, Master Kane displays more really awkward hair in a masterful bowl cut.

17. Princess Katey, King Arthur’s youngest daughter, has major knight skills.
I totally looked up to her as a kid because she could do anything: bow and arrows, sword fighting, you name it. She would be BFFs with Mulan and Merida for sure.

18. Lots of hilarious time period mixups.
Every time Calvin mentions something from the modern world, no one knows what he’s talking about.

Calvin and King Arthur in A Kid in King Arthur's Court

19. A blacksmith makes rollerblades for Calvin.
Calvin gives them to Princess Katey. They rollerblade around the castle. #FirstDateGoals

20. When Lord Belasco, aka grey stripe hair, challenges Master Kane, Calvin speaks the hard truth.
Calvin says, “Boy you guys are really hung up on this dominant male monkey thing, aren’t you.” Way ahead of his time on that one.

21. Calvin cooks Princess Katey a meal, whilst wearing a medieval chef’s hat.
He makes her a double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun.

22. OH HEY, Princess Sarah and Master Kane (Kate Winslet and Daniel Craig) LOVE EACH OTHER.
I forgot about that plot point!

23. The blacksmith makes a bike for Calvin.
That blacksmith works fast as he makes a whole bike out of metals in a day for Calvin and Princess Katey’s next date. #SecondDateGoals

24. This quote: “Your chain has been royally pulled.”
Calvin after King Arthur finally finds out the truth about evil Lord Belasco.

25. Multiple similarities to Aladdin, another one of my favorite Disney movies.
Lord Belasco tricks King Arthur into telling Princess Sarah she should marry Lord Belasco, and I’m sensing some strong Sultan/Jasmine/Jafar vibes. King Arthur later goes out in disguise among the common people, in a very Jasmine-inspired outfit.

26. The time Calvin Fuller of Reseda got knighted by King Arthur of Camelot.
No one’s picking you last now, Calvin.

27. The reveal of the identity of the Black Knight.
The Black Knight helps the people of Camelot throughout the movie when King Arthur is blind to the fact that Lord Belasco is stealing and being the worst. The Black Knight is always masked. I forgot about the reveal at the end and literally cheered, “YES!” when it happened. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to re-watch the movie but IT IS GOOD.

28. When Calvin goes home and hits a home run.
Calvin is returned to the present right before the moment when he struck out in the baseball game. His baseball bat is named Excalibur. He hits a home run. The slow-mo running scene as he rounds the bases is so inspirational. Princess Katey is one of his teammates and King Arthur is in the stands. PERFECTION.

29. This quote:
“It’s does not take a sword in a stone to make a hero.” – King Arthur, out

This is legit a really good movie. It’s just as entertaining watching it now as it was when I was a kid. I now know why A Kid in King Arthur’s Court randomly popped into my head that day. Every once in awhile we need reminders of our favorite stories and favorite dreams growing up. A Kid in King Arthur’s Court reminded me that old and new go hand in hand, baseball is an awesome sport, and unlikely heroes are often the bravest. Oh, and that crazy hair is to be celebrated.

What do you love about A Kid in King Arthur’s Court? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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