10 Ways The Princess Diaries Would be Different in 2016

Let’s all put our hands together in a collective slow clap for the phenomenal piece of cinema that is The Princess Diaries. In addition to perfect ingredients like Julie Andrews in all her stunning glory, brilliantly awkward baby Anne Hathaway, and the coolest fire station house there ever was, part of the movie’s charm is how completely 2001 it is. Butterfly clips! Backstreet Boys references! Mandy Moore before she went brunette! Naturally we got to thinking: What if The Princess Diaries was set now, in 2016? That’s the kind of question that needs answering. And we’re here to do just that.

1. Everyone would be on their phones.

Mia and Lilly debate scene in The Princess Diaries

Look how attentive these high school students are. That girl on the left is actually taking notes with a pencil and notepad! Aside from possibly the guy behind Mia, no one is trying to sneak a peek at their handheld device while teaching is happening at the front of the classroom. In fact, we could only locate one cell phone in the entire movie—remember this kid?

Cool guy with cell phone in The Princess Diaries
Nice flip phone, dude.

2. Jeremiah’s iBook wouldn’t be an iBook.

Mia and Jeremiah in The Princess Diaries

Speaking of great early ‘00s technology, can we take a moment of silence for the magical invention that was the iBook? It came in a bunch of colors and had a handle for ease of carrying. Of course Jeremiah has one—he’s probably running a magic-themed startup in Silicon Valley right now.

3. Lilly would be a YouTube celebrity.

Lilly's show Shut Up and Listen in The Princess Diaries

Lilly is truly ahead of her time with her cable talk show. Social activism, magic tricks, and pretty legit sound equipment? It’s clear to us that Lilly would be Internet famous right now.

4. Speaking of the Internet: Mia’s scandalous headline would be all over it.

The Princess Diaries Mia scandal

We’re confident that Mia would trend on Facebook.

5. And can you imagine the Snapchat stories on this day?

Media storm in The Princess Diaries

Activities of every single one of Mia’s classmates on the day of the big reveal: Go to school. Find out that classmate is an actual princess. Snap reactions immediately. Where is the princess filter when you need one?

6. Out with the scooters, in with the hovercrafts.

Lilly and Mia on scooters in The Princess Diaries

Lilly and Mia’s scooters are super cool for 2001. But in 2016 it’s pretty likely that they’d go hands-free.

7. Mia’s Walkman would be replaced with a Spotify playlist.

Mia with cucumbers and a Walkman in The Princess Diaries

We’re imagining it would be titled something like “Princess Vibes.”

8. Instead of giving back Mia’s friendship charm, Lilly would just unfriend her.

Lilly gives back friendship charm in The Princess Diaries

How to tell if you should friend someone on Facebook: Consider whether or not you’d give them a friendship charm IRL. Kind of game-changing, isn’t it?

9. Safe to say there wouldn’t be any butterfly clips.

Mandy Moore sings Stupid Cupid in The Princess Diaries

Ah, butterfly clips. They haven’t appeared to make a comeback as far as we can tell. And perhaps that’s for the better. They were reflective of a specific time in the world … and that time was 15 years ago.

10. Although there probably would be Doc Martens.

Mia's Doc Martens in The Princess Diaries

These classics never go out of style. Nice work Mia. Also, nice backpack pin! You know what else will never go out of style? That dreamy, beautiful princess dress.

Mia and Queen Clarisse in The Princess Diaries


How else do you think The Princess Diaries would be different in 2016? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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