10 Signs Your Best Friend is Obsessed with Disney

We all have that one friend who’s obsessed with Disney (or maybe we are that friend for someone else). Regardless, there’s always one person that’s all about Disney in the typical friend group. And that’s great because being Disney obsessed is pretty cool, if you ask us.. Wondering who that person is in your clique? Here are some tell-tale signs to look out for:

  1. They talk about Disney … a lot.
  2. When you ask them what they want to see at the movies they answer with the title of a Disney film. (Shocker.)Opening Castle Disney Movie
  3. They ask if you wan go to Disneyland (or other Disney Parks) every single weekend, and of course they own an annual pass.
  4. They buy you Disney-themed gifts for your birthday.
  5. All their profile pictures on social sites are Disney related.
  6. They’re always singing Disney songs in the car.
  7. They respond to text with Disney quotes.disney-texts-bro.jpg
  8. They add Disney GIFs to accompany those Disney-themed texts we mentioned above.Ariel nodding GIF 2
  9. Their room is decorated in all things Disney.
  10. They try to convert you from a normal Disney fan to an obsessed fan, just like them.

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Posted 3 years Ago
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