Overheard at Oh My Disney Part 2

Working at Oh My Disney is pretty amazing. Every day we get to talk about and create content for fun, weird, and hilarious Disney stuff. Because we are discussing Disney in detail pretty much all day long, our conversations often go off on unforeseen tangents. On a daily basis, we find ourselves saying things that would make no sense outside of Oh My Disney. Oftentimes we will keep of log of these odd statements on our Twitter account, as compiled in Overheard at Oh My Disney Part 1. Following this tradition, here are some actual things that have been said and messaged around the Oh My Disney office recently:

“Where did the dinglehopper go?”

Ariel with dinglehopper in The Little Mermaid

There are no more forks at Oh My Disney. Only dinglehoppers. Especially when we are covering something involving The Little Mermaid. One day we were using a metal dinglehopper for a Snap story and we lost it. It was the only metal dinglehopper in the office (although we had hundreds of plastic dinglehoppers, but those would not do.) Never has the word dinglehopper been shouted in any office more than it was that day at Oh My Disney.

“The cheese Remy is still in the fridge.”

Cheese Remy From Cheese Day

A few weeks ago, we decided to make a giant sculpture of Remy from Ratatouille out of cheese. It took about 40 pounds of cheese and six hours to create. After cheese Remy was created, we put him in the office fridge. The rest of the cheese shavings were eaten immediately, of course, because any food that’s left out at Oh My Disney goes quickly. However, we saved the cheese Remy sculpture because he was a masterpiece. But we kind of forgot about him. Then one day someone said the above fateful words, and we were all alerted that cheese Remy was in fact still in the fridge. Not only that, he was taking up almost the entire fridge and something needed to be done. We said goodbye to Cheese Remy that day. Thanks for the memories, Cheese Remy.

“There are a lot of sheep in Disney movies.”

Aladdin Sheep Insta 2

This was immediately followed by the entire staff working together to list all Disney movies with sheep in them. With all of our minds combined, it took approximately 30 seconds.

“Johnny Tsunami is in the office!”


This was not a joke: Johnny Tsunami of DCOM fame was actually in the office. And it was amazing. Surfing jokes were made all day.

“The mom from Meet the Robinsons is actually really stylish.”


Sometimes we are all sitting in a meeting and silence falls over the group. And then someone randomly bursts out with some gem like this. No one knows when it’s going to happen, but inevitably it will happen to everyone at Oh My Disney. You’ll have a random Disney thought and you will need to say it out loud and then everyone will stare at you awkwardly.

“Wait, Genie got married? And had a daughter? Named Jordan?”


This was after Dove Cameron’s “Genie in a Bottle” music video was released and one of the characters in it was Genie’s daughter. We had a long and detailed discussion about how this was possible.

“See if you can make your hand look like it’s on a lounge chair.”


Taken out of context, this may seem very weird. But if you’ve seen Snap Tonight on Oh My Disney Snapchat (username: ohmydisney) then it might make more sense. The host of the show is an actual hand, and that hand sometimes needs to look like it’s sitting on a lounge chair. So, really, it makes perfect sense.

“Does anyone own a remote control car? More specifically, an SUV?”


Speaking of Oh My Disney Snapchat, sometimes we get to have our favorite Disney stars join us. And sometimes we make them run through a Snapchat obstacle course. In this case, we asked Sabrina Carpenter and Sofia Carson of the 100th DCOM Adventures in Babysitting to run through an obstacle course on theme with the movie. So, obviously, we needed a remote-control SUV. And obviously, since this is Oh My Disney, someone had one on hand.

“I have Heimlich’s food!”

Heimlich eating food in A Bug's Life

It is not uncommon to talk about props we are making for various content in this manner. No one questions it.

“I didn’t make it in time for the popcorn.”

Beast Eating in Beauty and the Beast

At Oh My Disney, we have snacks in the common space on our floor. The good snacks are coveted by all, and usually go quickly. So, if you want your popcorn, you’ve got to get to the office early. Some of us are what we call “snack hoarders,” and take the most valued snacks and keep them at our desk for emergency snacking needs. This is a key Oh My Disney food strategy.

“Billy Zane. What a prince.”

Billy Zane in Guilt on Freeform

As you may know, Billy Zane of Titanic fame is starring in the new Freeform show Guilt. As soon as we found this out, everyone started cheering and it was revealed that multiple people in the office are completely obsessed with Billy Zane. Billy Zane, like the gem that he is, brought us all together, once again.

We could seriously go on and on about the strange Disney things that we get to talk about at Oh My Disney every day. We truly are lucky to work with such a fun, imaginative, and wonderfully wacky group of people. There are many more strange Disney questions to be answered—we have only to ask them. Such is the life of the Oh My Disney team.

Posted 5 years Ago
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