Which Summer Events Would Disney Characters Participate In?

The games are underway in Brazil and the eyes of the entire world are glued to their TVs. The best athletes from every country have gathered to prove who is the best of the best in their respective sports. Seeing all these premiere competitors got us thinking: Which events would our favorite Disney characters participate in? After a careful review process and painstaking trials, we have compiled the ultimate Disney team for the world games!

Cody Griffin (The Thirteenth Year) – Swimming

The Thirteenth Year

As a competitive swimmer, Cody has been training for years. As a merman, he is still a novice. However his skill set will only improve as he develops his fins.

Merida DunBroch (Brave) – Archery

Brave Merida Shooting

Her accuracy is impeccable and her strength is unwavering. Merida is out to prove that she is not only the most skilled archer in the kingdom, but in the world.

Stitch (Lilo & Stitch) – Weightlifting

stitch bench press

Experiment 626 may be small, but don’t underestimate his ability. With the strength to life well over his body weight, Stitch is primed to become a new world record holder.

Buddy (Air Bud) – Basketball

air bud jumpshot

Buddy’s speed is what really sets him apart from his competition on the court. Some may argue that running on all four legs is an advantage as it eliminates dribbling, but as a great referee once said, “Ain’t no rules say the dog can’t play basketball.”

Pocahontas (Pocahontas) – Diving

Pocahontas diving

There has never been a more obvious choice for the Disney swim team. Pocahontas has demonstrated the art of the perfect dive time and time again. From high dives off cliffs to smaller dips into rivers, Pocahontas’ style is flawless and she is truly one with the water.

Rusty McAllister (The Incredibles) – Cycling

The Incredibles - Wicked kid

Rusty may be young, but he is filled with energy. His comfortability is unmatched, as it seems like he never gets off his bike.

Maximus (Tangled) – Equestrian


Maximus is skilled, nimble, quick, and eloquent. In competition, Max would be primed to show off his entire skill set and become a clear favorite. Never backing down from a challenge and his “never quit” attitude will help him go far in the competition.

Kim Possible (Kim Possible) – Gymnastics

Disney Excuses for Why You're Late

Trained as a cheerleader and super spy, Kim Possible’s gymnastic ability is unmatched. Her best events would surely be floor exercises, beam, and uneven bars. Expect nothing less than Perfect 10s across the board.

Jasmine (Aladdin) – Track & Field

Aladdin Jasmine pole vault

New onto the scene after spending most of her life within the palace walls, Jasmine has proved that she is one of the world’s premiere pole-vaulters. Introducing the rest of the field events to her should be no problem as she is a self-proclaimed “fast learner.”

The Big Green (The Big Green) – Soccer

The Big Green

The team is a bit rough around the edges, but is admittedly getting better! Bringing in a new coach with more soccer experience was a major first step. After their stunning victory over the Knights, the confidence has never been higher.

Pintel and Ragetti (Pirates of the Caribbean) – Rowing

When Captain Barbossa needed to row out create a distraction, he knew that the best men for the job would be Pintel and Ragetti. As skilled rowers, they were able to move from The Black Pearl towards shore quickly and with ease. It is that speed and efficiency that will help these two pirates become national heroes.

Hercules (Hercules) – Decathlon

Hercules leaping

Commonly referred to as the Greatest Athlete In The World, the winner of the decathlon must prove to be extremely skilled in ten different events. They must be strong in not only physical strength, but in mental strength, will, and determination. They must be a god among men and a true hero. There is not better man for the job than Hercules himself

Who do you think would earn high marks this Summer? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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