Disney Band Redux: Fantasy Disney Girl Band

Female empowerment and girl groups go hand-in-hand. Thankfully, here at Disney we’ve got a bevy of admirable ladies who we think would make amazing members of our dream girl group. Plus, we already wrote about our dream Disney boy bands and Disney prince boy bands, so it’s only fitting we put together our fantasy Disney girl band.

Lead singer of the group who will eventually go solo, despite what she says: Elsa

Elsa singing Let It Go in Frozen

If Beyoncé is Queen B, Elsa is Queen E. Sure, it’s pretty hard not to choose the character voiced by Idina Menzel, but we’d also go with Elsa as our lead singer because she’s got the poise and overall regal-ness required for the position.


The one who sings all the runs: Megara

Meg singing in Hercules

As we know, there’s always that one singer in a girl group who nails all the runs and riffs with spectacular ease and breath control. If Meg can pull off lead vocals singing with the Muses in Hercules, we think she’s definitely got the pipes and lung capacity for these lyrical gymnastics.


Guitarist with the great hair: Rapunzel

Rapunzel riffing on guitar in Tangled

Rapunzel’s long hair and self-taught skills as a guitarist are two of the only good things that resulted from all that time she spent locked in that tower. And thankfully for our dream Disney girl group, these two attributes fulfill two very important unwritten rules of the music industry. Rule one: a music group can only be taken seriously if one of the members can actually play a physical instrument– which is much needed for those acoustic, stripped-down versions of all the major hits. Rule two: musical superstardom can only be fulfilled if a member has the type of hair tabloids want to talk about.


The moving soloist: Mulan

Mulan singing Reflection in Mulan

As the emotional backbone of the group, Mulan brings both a literal and figurative voice that is heavy with a variety of passions and feelings. While our fantasy Disney girl group would definitely have its share of fun, danceable hits, we think Mulan would write the Grammy Award-winning songs that would rival the emotional complexity of Adele’s.


Replacement lead singer: Anna

Anna singing in the beginning of Frozen

Fresh off the success of an album and world tour with her Disney girl group, Elsa decides to embark on a solo career. Thankfully, all is not lost when, in a stunning twist, Elsa’s younger sister Anna replaces her. With a singing voice all her own, Anna brings a fresh perspective—and looks great while posing with baby animals. Eat your hearts out, One Direction.


She’s a pretty good singer, but you should see her dance moves: Esmeralda

Esmeralda dancing in The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Here’s the thing: Esmeralda is a pretty good singer, but she’s an incredible dancer.

Here’s another thing: Esmeralda is an incredible dancer, but have you seen her jam on that tambourine of hers?


The one who not-so-secretly hates the other members: Maleficent

Maleficent emoting in Sleeping Beauty

Why does she dislike the other members? It could be due to the fact that she believes she’s the best singer in the group, and that the other members don’t appreciate her talents enough. But it’s probably due to the fact that she is, you know, the Mistress of All Evil, and hating anything positive is just her thing.


Who would you include in your fantasy Disney girl band? Let us know in the comments below!

Posted 4 years Ago
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