A Guide to Bouncing Back As Told by Tigger

When it comes to the residents of the Hundred Acre Wood, most of us would probably prefer to feel more like Tigger than Eeyore. Still, we all have those days that make us dwell in a gloomy place, and it can be a struggle to get that spring back in your step. Well, as always, Tigger is here to help. Here’s a guide to bouncing back, as told by Tigger:

1. Pounce on every opportunity.

Tigger Consider Yourself Pounced

More often than not, Tigger jumps on each chance to make a new friend or pursue a new adventure. He rarely dwells on the things that try to keep him on the ground, so he can live life on the bound.

2. Focus on the wonderful things that make you an individual.

Tigger Bouncing 16

Tigger is quick to tell everyone he comes across that “he’s the only one.” There’s so much to every person that makes them special. We all just need to be confident in those traits.

3. Let your friends support you.
Winnie the Pooh Tigger

Friends are the people who make you feel splendiferous. Lean on the ones that love you for you.

4. Try new things.

Tigger Hunny

As it turns out, Tiggers actually aren’t very fond of that icky, sticky stuff called “hunny.” But, he only realized that after he was willing to try it.

5. Figure out what you do best.


Even if it bothers some of his neighbors (*cough* Rabbit *cough*), Tigger knows that bouncing is what he does best. All of us can find confidence doing the things we’re great at, especially if they’re fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.

6. Start living by “TTFN” instead of “goodbye.”


Whenever Tigger departs, he leaves his friends with “T-T-F-N, ta-ta for now!” It may seem like a minor difference, but this phrase implies that he’ll always see his friends another time. Recognizing that each end is only an “until next time” instead of a final “goodbye” makes life much more carefree—just like Tigger!

7. Celebrate all stripes and sizes.

Despite Tigger’s trademark self-assurance, he still supports his friends in their own pursuits. One of the best ways to start feeling better is to lend a helping hand to someone else. That way, your world becomes one step close to the Hundred Acre Wood, and wouldn’t that be the most splendiferous thing of all?

How else has Tigger helped you bounce back? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 2 years Ago
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