Pause to Swoon Over These Disney Looks of Love

Ah, love. When you’re in it, it’s hard to hide it. You get that goofy grin and those googly eyes, and you don’t even care because you’re too in love to be concerned with what your face looks like. So, for the sake of love, we’ve rounded up our favorite Disney looks of love. Scroll through and take a mental break … or rather, a love break.

Aladdin looking at Jasmine.

Aladdin looks at Jasmine

Look at that goofy smirk. And this is before she pole-vaults over the rooftop.

Jasmine looking back at Aladdin.

Jasmine looks at Aladdin

The eyes have it.

Ariel seeing Prince Eric for the first time.

Ariel looks at Prince Eric

He’s dreamy, and he’s playing the flute with a dog. Game over.

Prince Eric after Ariel saves him.

Prince Eric looks at Ariel

So he’s a little out of it after the whole almost-drowning thing. But that face: Oh goodness.

Lady looking up at Tramp.

Lady looks at Tramp

Her eyes are literally sparkling. That’s what love and a good, hearty meal will do to you.

Robin Hood looking at Maid Marian.

Robin Hood looks at Maid Marian


Maid Marian looking back at Robin Hood.

Maid Marian looks at Robin Hood

Lashes for days.

Flynn seeing Rapunzel in the square.

Flynn Rider looks at Rapunzel in Tangled

He’s almost a little bit cross-eyed. Pascal and Max approve.

Thomas O’Malley discovering Duchess.

Thomas O'Malley discovers Duchess

Surprise and love, at once.

Duchess looking back at Thomas O’Malley.

Duchess sees Thomas O'Malley

Her fate is sealed.

Kristoff looking at Anna.

Kristoff looks at Anna

He’s also wearing a hat made of sticks. Adorable.

Anna looking back at Kristoff.

Anna looks back at Kristoff

Her hug says, “I love you, Elsa” … but her eyes say, “I love you, Kristoff.”

Tarzan gazing into Jane’s eyes.

Tarzan looks at Jane

This is a fantastic extreme closeup. Slight squint in the eyes, slight grin. Yup. Love.

Belle watching Beast.

Belle looks at Beast

This love is so surprising, Belle has to hold onto a tree for support.

Beast watching Belle.

Beast sees Belle

He looks either stunned or hypnotized. Oh wait, he’s both.

Li Shang gazing at Mulan.

Li Shang watches Mulan leave

When you realize you don’t meet a girl like that every dynasty.

Jessie looking at Buzz.

Jessie looks at Latin Buzz in Toy Story 3


Buzz looking back at Jessie.

Latin Buzz looks at Jessie in Toy Story 3

Mucho amor.

Kit seeing Ella in the woods.

Kit looks at Ella in Cinderella

Baby blues and pearly whites for days.

Ella looking back at Kit.

Ella looks at Kit in Cinderella

This look inspires a new word: swoofy. Equal parts sweet and goofy.

WALL•E seeing Eve for the first time.

WALL•E looks at Eve


What are your favorite Disney looks of love? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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