These Thor and Avengers GIFs Perfectly Illustrate Our Feelings About Chris Hemsworth

We think it’s safe to say that Chris Hemsworth as Thor is one of the greatest gifts that the Marvel Universe has given us. Remember when Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston went to that children’s hospital in Brisbane? Remember when we saw that hilarious video that showed us what Thor was up to during Captain America: Civil War? (Shout out to Thor’s roommate, Darryl.) These are just a couple of the many reasons that we love Chris Hemsworth. We have so many thoughts on this subject that it’s very difficult to put into words. In fact, we think the only way that we can properly describe our appreciation for Chris Hemsworth is through actual GIFs of Chris Hemsworth as Thor. With these and the help of a few of the other Avengers in GIF form, we hope we can properly convey our feelings. Let us begin:

This is us getting ready to talk about Chris Hemsworth:


Prepare yourself, because we’re going to be talking for a long time.

This is us hanging with our friends solely so that we can talk about how much we love Chris Hemsworth:

The Avengers eating at end of credits

Let’s skip the small talk and get right to some real Thor talk.

This is us when our friends stop talking about Chris Hemsworth:

Hawkeye and Iron Man fly in Avengers

Bye. We have no interest in talking about anything else.

This is us on our way to watch a Marvel movie with Chris Hemsworth in it as Thor:

Hulk running in Avengers

Get out of our way! We have important plans!

This is us when anyone interrupts us during the Marvel movie starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor:



This is us when others ask us why we like Chris Hemsworth:

Loki scowl in Avengers

Is that a question? Is that a question?!?! Get ready for a 10 to 15 hour presentation to answer that question. You’re welcome.

This is us at any point in time that Chris Hemsworth does anything, anything at all:

Loki laugh in Avengers

Cackle-giggling uncontrollably like Loki.

This is us when no one seems to truly understand our love for Chris Hemsworth:

Tony Stark rolling his eyes in Avengers

It’s true love, and we want to sing it out loud so that all of Asguard can hear.

This is us when we are forced to do work instead of watch Chris Hemsworth:

Thor hitting glass in Avengers

Unacceptable. We’ll do work, but we’ll be taking our replica of Mjölnir (Thor’s hammer) with us.

Finally, this is pretty much all of our intense feelings about Chris Hemsworth summed up in one GIF:

Thor hammer and lightning in Avengers

Thor, lighting, Mjölnir, and winning at life, all at once. That’s the Chris Hemsworth we know and love.

Thank you, Chris Hemsworth, for being in our lives. You make the world a better place. We can’t wait to see more of you in Thor: Ragnarok next year!

Clearly you can tell what we think about Chris Hemsworth. What do you think? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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