If Air Bud Actually Played in the NBA

We all know Buddy, of Air Bud fame, had the talent to play basketball at the varsity high school level, and subsequently take his team to the state championship. But what if Buddy took his talents beyond  amateur level? Here are the seven things we’d expect to see if Air Bud actually played in the NBA:

1. He’d play shooting guard.

air bud jumpshot

He’s small, but agile, with a mean (and slightly slobbery) jump shot. Buddy is that complete player who will score, defend, and, of course, dive for balls — granted, he thinks it’s a game of catch–but results are results.


2. He’d be the emotional backbone of the team, minus the half-time speeches.


As janitor-turned-coach Arthur Chaney tells Buddy’s owner Josh, “That dog couldn’t give a rat’s behind about his point average, or if he’s MVP — he just loves to play the game.” There’s something about a happy-go-lucky golden retriever who heartily enjoys playing basketball, that sets up the perfect environment for a winning streak, a finals run; basically a storyline fit for a Disney movie.


3. His jersey would be a number one seller.


Cool and talented new player? It’s almost a guarantee Buddy’s jersey would sellout. Just think about how much money Buddy’s rookie K9 jersey would sell for in a few decades.


4. Although he wouldn’t be the star of the team, he’d definitely be an important role player.


He might not be able to single-handedly take over a game like LeBron, but Buddy would create the type of fun environment his teammates would feed off of. Take, for example, the state championship game in Air Bud, when the Timberwolves are behind, only to be lifted back into contention when Buddy shows up.


5. He’d score a sweet shoe deal.


We envision a line of sneakers for both humans and dogs.


6. He’d use his natural ability as a cute dog to distract the refs, as well as opposing players.


As one of the opposing coaches in Air Bud said during the championship game, “Will somebody cover that dog? Don’t just look at the dog, cover him!Seriously, we find it pretty hard to believe that NBA players would deny a dog this loveable. Yes, we know they’re professional athletes, but they’re also HUMAN BEINGS.


8. Dog attendance at games would go up.


This is what we call a win-win for everyone.

Posted 4 years Ago
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