Let’s Make #DisneyGrandmaGoals a Thing

You’ve got your leads. You’ve got your comic relief sidekicks. You’ve even got the occasional villager providing colorful commentary. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes of Disney movies: the grandmas. Whether they’re giving some much-needed sass or simply providing a listening ear, we can’t imagine our beloved films without them and that’s why we think it’s time to make #DisneyGrandmaGoals a thing.

Grandmother Fa


Wise and perhaps the most connected to the ancestors, Grandmother Fa is also fiery and not afraid to lend a quick quip to put someone in their place. How can we forget her courage when, to prove that her cricket was indeed lucky, she walked across a very busy street with her eyes closed? Sure she may have caused a pile-up or two but we can respect a woman who reigns chaos around her, whether intentional or not. And that moment when she said what everyone was thinking when she asked Shang if he’d like to stay forever? #DisneyGrandmaGoals.

Grandmother Willow


She’s strong with firm roots and she’s always there to offer a meaningful metaphor to Pocahontas when needed. Dream interpreter, soul analyzer, and personal protector all in one, there’s really no reason to seek advice from anyone else. Even with her role as a guiding compass in Pocahontas’ life, she’s got her fun side with jokes like her “bark being worse than her bite.” For that, we deem her #DisneyGrandmaGoals.

Gramma Tala

Gramma Tala, MOANA

The grandmother of the titular character of the upcoming film Moana, Gramma Tala only reinforces the image of Disney grandmas as absolutely boss ladies. A powerful storyteller that narrates the beginning of the newest trailer (link here) she captivates audiences with her lore and isn’t afraid to push Moana towards adventure. Truly #DisneyGrandmaGoals.

Although they are not as focused on as much as Disney parents, we believe that Disney grandmas are worth more than their weight in gold. What else do you consider #DisneyGrandmaGoals? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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