Times Tsum Tsum Could See Directly Into Our Souls

Is there anything cuter than Disney Tsum Tsum? We think not. To prove it, we’ve collected some of the cutest Tsum Tsum currently available to buy from Disney Store, that also coincidentally have the power to stare directly into our souls. You know, just normal Tsum Tsum things.

Mickey Mouse Large Tsum Tsum from Disney Tsum Tsum Collection


This Mickey Mouse Tsum Tsum is big enough to hug, use as a pillow, or just ogle at while it stares into your soul with its big, adorable eyes.

Maleficent as Dragon from Disney Villains Collection


Look into the Maleficent Dragon Tsum Tsum’s eyes. Look at those solid lime green beauties and let them peer into your soul.

C-3PO from Star Wars Tsum Tsum Collection


Oh, dear. Even with droid eyes, this adorable golden fellow can definitely see into our souls.

Beast from Beauty and the Beast Collection
Few Tsum Tsum mix cute and dapper like Beast from the Beauty and the Beast set. If those bright blue eyes could see into our soul, they’d see our love for him is as pure as can be.

Vision from Marvel’s Avengers Series 2 Collection


Vision is cute, powerful, and absolutely knows what is hiding in our soul … Mostly just an undying love for adorable Tsum Tsum like him.

Stitch from Disney Tsum Tsum Collection


Stitch is as feisty as he is adorable. He sees into our soul and shares our typical “Mondays” look.

Jawa from Star Wars Tatooine Collection
This adorable desert-dwelling Tsum Tsum has peering yellow eyes that tie together the adorable look. If you allow it to see directly into your soul, it may just try to sell it at a profit. Tread lightly.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Box Set


Every single one of these festive Tsum Tsum can see the joy in our souls upon looking at them. They only come as a box set, but how could you possibly separate them from each other?!

Dory Medium Tsum Tsum from Finding Dory Collection


Awww!! Simply a-Dory-ble! This cute little fish has eyes that … that … Uh, we forgot.

Donald Duck from Disney Tsum Tsum Collection


Look how adorable little Donald is!! He’s so angry!! But so cute!! Must. Have.

Jafar as Genie from Disney Villains Collection


PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER … itty-bitty Tsum Tsum! He may be evil, but Jafar can peer directly into our souls.

Captain Marvel from Marvel’s Women of Power Collection


Super-powered and super adorable? No wonder those bright blue marbles can see into our soul … and in our soul, she sees us going, “Awww!!”

What is your favorite Tsum Tsum? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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