A Non-Disney Fan Guesses the Plot Based on Title Alone

As you all are well aware of by now, we love to take our Disney trivia and questions to our resident non-Disney fan. In the past, we have had our non-Disney fan caption screenshots and give you bad synopses for your favorite movies. This time, we had a new challenge.

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But can our non-Disney fan guess the plot of the movie based on its title alone? The results were … well … flat out wrong—but as always, hilarious! Again, all of these “plot lines” are the true reactions and feelings of our non-Disney fan. The movie titles were not provided ahead of time.

The Black Cauldron


I believe that this is a spinoff or sequel to that one scene in Fantasia about the secret life of dishes. Maybe there’s something going on in the kitchen, like a revolt! And the Black Cauldron saves the other dishes from a chef through magic … definitely magic. It’s Disney!

Oliver & Company

Oliver - Oliver & Company

This is a movie about cats, but that’s all I know! It’s a movie about a merry band of cats. These cats team up to create a theatre troupe, and they travel around the country doing plays. “Oliver & Company” is like “Shakespeare & Company,” but they are trained cats performing live theater for the world to see!

Treasure Planet


I have no idea what this movie is. It sounds like there is probably treasure on a planet. So, maybe people go to space, but in what kind of spaceship? Maybe they find treasure on their planet. Maybe the treasure IS the planet! Mm-hmm. The treasure IS the planet! And this is a movie about being kind to your environment, otherwise it might not be there forever. Discover the treasure inside your planet. That’s the log line.

Lilo & Stitch


Well, as you know, I have some feeling about the crazy little bat thing. This is clearly about Stitch the Bat and his best friend Lilo, and they go on surfing adventures. They go surfing all the time, and they win the World Championship Surfing Competition.


UP House Balloons

This is the house with balloons, yeah? Ok. So, UP is a movie about people who travel the world in their house of balloons. There are a bunch of people who live in the house. I bet it’s probably like the way there are pirate ships that fly in Peter Pan, but this is a house. They journey all around the world and go on adventures and capers all over.


WallE-and-Eve-holding-hands (1)

There’s not much to go off of with that title. Well … WALL•E sounds like it’s about a big building … that people go to work in. And it has lots of cubicles maybe? It’s very corporate. The people inside are stuck in their cubes and the corporate lives and they break out of the building and they run away and they don’t have to work in cubicles anymore!

The Great Mouse Detective


Well that’s obviously about a great mouse detective! He probably has a sidekick who is a much bigger animal … a cat … no … a squirrel! Yes. The Great Mouse Detective and his best friend the squirrel go on adventures. (Lots of adventures happen in these movies. My movies.) They clearly have to solve a big mystery. Maybe it’s a historical mystery. Like a really important statue has gone missing and he has to find it. But the statue has a great cheese pun, like the Leaning Tower of Gouda. It’s National Treasure, but with mice.


Disney's Dinosaur

This is a movie … about dinosaurs. In this movie, dinosaurs are … boarding a spaceship to a planet … Treasure Planet … which is our planet. It’s the story of how dinosaurs got here.

Brother Bear

Brother Bear Kenai and Koda

Who is he the brother of? His name is Brother Bear because he’s like a brother to us all. And he lives in the forest and protects anyone who comes inside. And then one day, he realizes he may have an actual brother so he goes off to find him and leaves the forest unprotected. He finds his brother and comes back and the sequel is Brother Bears … because there are two of them.


Bolt on bus

In this take on Frankenstein, but the monster is actually our friend. He comes to life, but he’s not evil, he’s just a bit scary looking. It’s about him trying to fit in with everyday life when really he is Frankenstein. But he just wants to help like the rest of us. Maybe he becomes a doctor. A real doctor.

Meet The Robinsons


Ooohhhh. This movie is about a friendly family of birds, the Robins (or Robinsons.) They went very literal with the name. They are descended from the bird in Robinson Crusoe … did Robinson Crusoe have a bird? No. They descend from Robin Hood’s bird friends and they continue his mission of helping the needy. It’s like a documentary look into their ongoing mission to spread equality.

Big Hero 6


Why is it the sixth Big Hero? Where are Big Heroes 1-5? Maybe the question of this movie is that Big Hero 6 wakes up one morning and can’t find one through five. So he goes back to retrace his lineage to find the other five heroes. Yes. And then the five heroes plus him unite and become a group of heroes. Big Heroes! Almost like The Mighty Ducks … Quack quack quack quack …

Glory Road

Glory Road

This is about a NASCAR Grand Prix winning car that’s alive. One of the cars from Cars goes on his own side-mission, and becomes a Grand Prix winning car of destiny. He is the fastest car in all the land and he goes and wins the big race and that is the plot of Glory Road.

So, this non-Disney fan definitely did not get any of these plots correct based on their titles, but it was hilarious to see them try. What was your favorite non-Disney fan plot description? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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