The Mighty Ducks: Where Are They Now?

(Editor’s Note: This is strictly a work of fiction, based on the ideas of the author.)

Back in 1992, a lawyer named Gordon Bombay was ordered to serve as the head coach of a down-on-their-luck pee-wee hockey team in Minneapolis. We all know what happened next. From the Pee-Wee Championship to the Junior Goodwill Games to the prestigious Eden Hall Academy, Bombay’s team proved time and time again that you should never count out the underdog.

When we last saw the Ducks in 1996, they were taking Eden Hall by storm under the watchful eye of Coach Ted Orion. But what happened after the final whistle? Well, we here at Oh My Disney did some research. We reached out to the members of the Ducks and Team USA to find out what they have been up to since their days in the spotlight.

Guy Germaine & Connie Moreau


The love story of the Ducks. Guy and Connie continued to date for several years after their Eden Hall days. Finally married, Guy and Connie continue to live in St. Paul, Minnesota with their three children. Connie currently works for the state of Minnesota, with a job in the Department of Natural Resources. Guy works at the local high school, teaching 11th grade English.

Lester Averman


Always the jokester of the group, Averman loved to keep his teammates on their toes. Surprising no one, Averman moved to New York City straight out of high school to pursue a comedy career. Having become renowned as a stand-up all over NYC, he is currently preparing a move to Los Angeles to break out as an actor. We wish him the best of luck and can’t wait for his sitcom!

Julie “The Cat” Gaffney


As stellar of an athlete as she was, Julie’s passion was always in the world of sports journalism. Julie worked as a sports anchor for her local news station in Bangor, Maine for two years before getting the call to move to a bigger market. After three more years working in Boston, Julie received the call that changed her life. For the past six months, Julie has been working as an NHL analyst and field reporter at ESPN. Early reviews have been fantastic, and there is speculation that she is set to become ESPN’s lead NHL reporter.

Dwayne Robertson


Dwayne’s hockey career was outstanding, but brief. After graduating, Dwayne attended Texas A&M University and achieved a degree in Agricultural Sciences. He currently lives outside of Waco, Texas, where he owns and operates a fully functioning cattle ranch and resort. He also spends his free time playing saxophone with a local jazz-funk band.

Dean Portman & Fulton Reed


The Bash Brothers! Their brash way of playing the game and heavy-hitting mentality created an inseparable bond between the two. After graduating with degrees in architecture and business, Portman and Reed opened Bash Brothers Demolition Company. Their reputation to get the job done helped them land the biggest job of their career, the demolition of the Metrodome in Minneapolis.

Luis Mendoza


Luis’ skill was immense, but his inability to stop hurt his chances at a career in hockey. Without hockey, Luis was determined to make a difference in people’s lives. After intensive training, Luis moved back to his hometown of Miami, Florida, where he became a firefighter. He currently serves as the Fire Chief for Miami-Dade County.

Ken Wu


Ken joined Team USA after a very successful figure skating career. After trying out hockey (rather successfully) for a few years with Team USA and Eden Hall, he returned to his first love of competitive skating. Ken competed in the Winter Games twice, and attended once more as a television commentator. Currently, Ken lives and works in San Francisco as a screenwriter and documentarian. His current project documents the demolition of the historic Metrodome by his former “Bash Brothers.”

Greg Goldberg


Goldberg always had his mind on three things growing up: hockey, family, and food. When his hockey career came to an end, Goldberg got a degree in business management and took over his family’s business, Goldberg’s Delicatessen. He grew the flagship location into a Minneapolis staple and decided to expand shortly thereafter. As of 2016, there are 10 Goldberg’s locations, nine of which are in Minnesota. The tenth? In his hometown of Philadelphia, of course!

Russ Tyler


Russ’ path towards Team USA was rather unconventional. Growing up, he knew he needed a way to be able to stand out among other hockey players. Enter, “The Knuckle Puck.” His drive towards innovation and creative thinking always was his strongest asset. Russ took that ingenuity and currently works for a sports equipment company, specializing in innovative technologies.

Charlie Conway


When Charlie stepped aside to allow Russ to play in the Junior Goodwill Games, he got a glimpse of what it would be like to be a coach. That brief taste of coaching left Charlie with a lifelong desire to help mold young players much like Bombay did for him. After graduating, Charlie worked as an assistant at Eden Hall under Ted Orion. When Orion left the school for a better opportunity, Charlie assumed the role of head coach for Eden Hall, a position he still holds to this day.

Adam Banks


Adam topped a stellar youth career by gaining a scholarship to play hockey at the collegiate level. After becoming the only person to win the Hobey Baker Award twice, Banks was picked first overall in the NHL Draft. He has had a fantastic career, winning the MVP of the league twice and being named to the All-Star team six times. His previous injury history has hampered him a bit in recent years, so Banks has stated that he will be retiring at the end of the 2016-2017 season. He is still hoping his final season will bring him the one thing that has eluded him in his career: the Stanley Cup trophy.

Jesse Hall


Always an underrated star for the Ducks, Jesse finally took the spotlight in college. His puck handling ability and skilled footwork on the ice left scouts in awe. After being drafted, Jesse’s standout rookie season allowed him to beat out former teammate Adam Banks for the Rookie of the Year award. Jesse continues to be quick on the ice and a proven leader, earning the captain’s “C” on Team USA for the upcoming 2018 Winter Games.

Gordon Bombay


As we know, after leading Team USA to the gold at the Junior Goodwill Games, Gordon accepted a job with the organization. After working as the Team USA coordinator for many years, he currently holds the esteemed title of President and CEO of the Junior Goodwill Games. His mission? To encourage and inspire young athletes from around the world to overcome any adversity and become the best players they can be.

What do you think about the futures we imagined up for The Mighty Ducks? Tell us in the comments!

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