9 Times You Cried Watching Moana

Needless to say, we are absolutely in awe of Moana. From the amazing music, to the breathtaking visuals, to the inspiring journey of Moana herself, we can’t get over how many emotions this movie made us feel. It’s about discovering your path, knowing the way, and fearlessly conquering the unknown. Epic. Hilarious. And very moving. We cried. You cried. Everyone cried. A lot. Here’s 9 times when that happened:

1. When Baby Moana first interacts with the Ocean.

Baby Moana is so unbelievably cute. When she walks into the ocean and the ocean protects her and styles her hair, it’s just so adorable and magical. We know baby Moana is destined for adventure from the very second we see her. Combined with the gorgeous song “An Innocent Warrior,” this scene makes us smile through our tears.

MOANA Meets the Ocean in Moana

2. When Moana sings “How Far I’ll Go.”

Whether it be a dream, ambition, or destination, we can all relate to the voice inside that tells us to pursue it. Seeing Moana’s love for the sea and her struggle to find her path is inspiring and, you guessed it, brings tears to our eyes.

3. When Moana discovers her ancestors were voyagers.

First of all, Gramma Tala is amazing. She helps Moana realize who her ancestors were, and we see into Moana’s past with the incredible song, “We Know the Way” written and sung by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Opetaia Foa’i. It’s one of those thrilling moments where we simultaneously have chills and tear up. And then want to sail the ocean immediately.


4. When Moana sees Gramma Tala’s stingray spirit guiding her toward the ocean.

The last moments between Moana and Gramma Tala are beautiful. When Gramma Tala tells Moana to take back the Heart of Te Fiti, and Moana sets sail, we see the lights on the island of Motunui go out, and the bright form of a stingray (similar to Gramma Tala’s tattoo) guiding the way. Our tears are at full power at this point.

5. When we find out Maui’s history.

Maui is outwardly hilarious and strong, but when we find out how he became a demi-god, we feel for him. Even the most popular demi-gods can feel insecure and lost. Luckily we then have the moment …

6. When Moana encourages Maui to get his power back.

The friendship between Moana and Maui really begins in this moment. Moana helps Maui see himself in the same way that he portrays himself to others. Yet another example of how Moana is a born leader and true friend.

7. When Moana sings the lyrics, “I am Moana!”

No words. Just tears. And cheers.

8. When Moana sings to Te Fiti and returns her heart.

This moment calls back to the moment when Baby Moana first interacts with the Ocean and it’s just as chillingly beautiful and mesmerizing. Moana’s strength and power to see the good in others shines through.

Moana Maui

9. When Moana is reunited with her parents (and Pua!)

Moana returns to the island of Motunui knowing who she is and where she wants to go. We love when her parents see her. And the tears really get going when she reunites with her beloved pig, Pua.


So, we cried a lot during Moana and we can safely say that we will never forget this story, especially in the moments when we are choosing our own paths in life.

What was your favorite part of Moana? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 5 years Ago
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