This Is How Long it Took Us to Do Rapunzel’s Morning Lineup

We’ve always marveled at how productive Rapunzel is during her morning routine in Tangled. When we’re still hitting snooze on our alarm clocks for the 10th time, Rapunzel has already done all of her chores, created beautiful art, baked pies, and read a ton of books. And that’s just a few things on her long list of morning accomplishments. Plus, she demonstrates amazing organizational skills while she completes every task flawlessly. We decided we could totally do that. “How hard could it be?” we thought. Proudly, we set out on a journey to recreate Rapunzel’s morning lineup, in the exact order that she sings it during “When Will My Life Begin?” We journaled our thoughts as we took on each step, which you can read below. Find out if we made it through:

Objective, as stated: To complete Rapunzel’s morning lineup.

Factors to take into account: Rapunzel lived in a tower, whereas we live in an apartment, but they are relatively the same size.

Hypothesis: We will complete the morning lineup, and declare ourselves champions.


“7 a.m. the usual morning lineup.”

Rapunzel with pie from Tangled

• Okay, we’ve got this. We made a list of all the things we have to do, and have called it our morning lineup.
• Okay, we didn’t actually make a list of things we had to do. But, we sang the words, so that’s just as good, right? Right.
Time it took us: 30 minutes of mostly dancing and singing and not thinking about our chores at all.

“Start on the chores and sweep ‘til the floor’s all clean.”

rapunzel sweeping in tangled

• We really don’t want to do this part. Sweeping until the floor’s all clean sounds like it’s going to take a long time.
Time it took us: One hour … because we kept stopping to dance and sing again, and used the broom as a microphone instead of sweeping. No regrets.

“Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop, and shine up.”


• What exactly are we supposed to polish and wax? We’re going to polish some things on our shelves. That seems about right. Done.
• Wait, now we have to do laundry and mopping and shining? All at the same time?
• Okay, we threw in a load of laundry and then mopped the floors and then took a nap.
Time it took us: Two hours, most of which was spent being confused about what to polish and what to shine.


“Sweep again, and by then, it’s like 7:15.”


• What? 7:15 a.m.? For us, it’s literally 10:30 a.m. What happened? It’s the hair. We need the hair.
Time it took us: 15 minutes of frantically sweeping, trying to make up for lost time.

“And so I’ll read a book, or maybe two or three.”

Rapunzel reading in Tangled

• Yes! Finally a fun activity. Wait. Two or three books?
• We are going to put back the extensive novels we chose to read, and replace them with children’s books that are mostly pictures. That counts, right?
Time it took us: 30 minutes because we got distracted by the pictures.

“I’ll add a few new paintings to my gallery.”


• Yay! Another fun activity. We’re going to paint on our walls.
• Okay, we’re going to throw paint at our walls and hope it looks good.
Time it took us: Five minutes and one bucket of paint that mostly ended up on our clothes.

“I’ll play guitar and knit and cook, and basically just wonder, when will my life begin?”


• Should have learned how to play that guitar we bought five years ago …
• Strumming some chords and it sounds pretty great. (It’s not great. It’s not great at all.)
• Time to pick up that scarf we started knitting last year.
• And what should we cook? Soup? Soup sounds easy.
Time it took us: One hour of guitar, one hour of knitting until our scarf became a blob of yarn, and thirty minutes of heating up soup, most of which was spent sipping said soup.

“Then after lunch, it’s puzzles and darts and baking.”


• Yay! Puzzles! Darts! Baking! Why is the only puzzle we own like a million pieces?
• We will console ourselves from our fierce defeat by the puzzle with a pie.
• We remember we don’t know how to bake pies. We’ll try anyway.
Time it took us: Thirty minutes on the puzzle, thirty minutes playing darts, and two hours baking (burning) a pie, which we still ate.

“Paper maché, a bit of ballet, and chess.”


• More crafts! We have learned from this experience that we are not as good at crafts as Rapunzel.
• Somehow we have glued our hands together with paper maché materials.
• Did some ballet and managed to unglue our hands while attempting and failing at landing a pirouette.
• Played chess back and forth with ourselves and still lost.
Time it took us: Two hours and 30 minutes. We call that a win.

“Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making.”

Rapuznel making candles in Tangled

• Pottery seems harder than it looks. We are going to use ready-made clay to make a vase.
• The vase is beautiful.
• We don’t have a puppet so we’ll use a sock puppet and name it Pascal the Sock Puppet.
• Candle making? We’re going to have to look that one up.
Time it took us: Five hours. Of candle making. Did we end up with a candle? No. No we did not.

“Then I’ll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb, sew a dress.”


• After all this work, stretching sounds great!
• So does sketching! So relaxing!
• Does climbing our stairs count?
• We actually know how to sew!
Time it took us: 30 minutes stretching, 30 minutes sketching, 30 minutes climbing stairs, and four hours trying to sew a tiny Pascal-sized dress that ended up looking like a hat.

“And I’ll reread the books, if I have time to spare.”


We definitely don’t have time to spare, but we will complete this task. Finally, we can look at our picture books and relax a little.
Time it took us: One hour because we accidentally took a nap.

“I’ll paint the walls some more—I’m sure there’s room somewhere.”


• Throwing the rest of the paint on our walls. It looks good. (It does not look good.)
Time it took us: 10 minutes questioning our skills as an artist.

“And then I’ll brush and brush and brush and brush my hair.”

Rapunzel brushing hair in Tangled

• Okay, this we can do. And, it’s easier for us since we don’t have as much hair as Rapunzel does.
Time it took us: Five minutes. The one thing we did more quickly than Rapunzel.

“Stuck in the same place I’ve always been.”


• We don’t feel stuck. We’ve never felt more alive.
Time it took us: One minute patting ourselves on the back. Literally.

“And I’ll keep wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’ and wonderin’, when will my life begin?”

Rapunzel looking out window in Tangled

• Wonderin’ is what we do best.
Time it took us: One hour of wonderin’.

Total time to complete all tasks: Sixteen hours and six minutes. All in a day’s work.

Conclusion: Did we complete Rapunzel’s morning lineup in the correct order? Yes. Did we do it in the same amount of time that Rapunzel did? No. No we did not. What Rapunzel did in one morning took us almost an entire day. But we sure had an amazing time trying. And we have now proven yet again that Rapunzel is a champion.

What part of Rapunzel’s morning lineup is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Music and lyrics for “When Will My Life Begin?” from Tangled are by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater.

Posted 4 years Ago
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