6 Life Lessons From Monsters, Inc.

Sure, Monsters, Inc. is about a corporation of creatures that make a living from scaring children and collecting their screams, but there’s a lot more beneath the surface—particularly when it comes to life lessons. The movie taught us valuable truths about friendship, relationships, and so much more. Join us on our walk down memory lane and see if you can relate to these Monsters, Inc. lessons:

1. Exercise is an important way to start your day.

Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley scary feet

If you’ve got a full day ahead of you, scurry through a scary feet-filled exercise regimen to get your blood flowing and the creative juices running. You’ll be the master of the monsters (or, um, real people) in no time.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work.


Mike and Sulley work best as a team. Mike helps Sulley stay at the top of the scare list every week. Mike also catches scream canisters, files paperwork, and makes sure the best doors come their way. He really is the dream co-worker and the perfect example of what teamwork is all about.

3. There’s more to life than scaring (or whatever type of work you do.)

Sulley and Boo in Monsters, Inc.

Mike and Sulley needed to get Boo home and they were able to put aside their usual day of scaring to help her out. As important as your work is, sometimes it needs to take a backseat when a friend is in need.

4. Always get your paperwork done.


This one doesn’t really need an explanation. Get your paperwork done, or there might be consequences. Especially if Roz is watching you.

5. When in doubt, sing it out.

Mike Wazowski singing Monsters, Inc.

When Mike was caught in a tricky situation, he broke out into song to avoid trouble. Every situation can be made better with a song. So whether you’re avoiding detection, or bummed about a situation, sing it out, and sing it proud. If anything, you’ll get a standing ovation.

6. Give others a chance, even if you don’t understand them at first.

Boo and Sulley hug Monsters, Inc.

Despite being terrified of Boo because she was a human child, Mike and Sulley eventually became friends with her. Sometimes, if you look beneath the surface, what initially scared you might not seem scary at all anymore.

What is the most important thing you learned from Disney•Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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