7 Times Moana Proved She’s a #GirlBoss

If you’ve been listening to “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana on repeat since your first heard it last year, you may be a Moana superfan. We know we are. From the moment we first met Moana, we knew she was destined to follow her dreams and be an inspiration to us all. Throughout her journey, Moana forges her own path and overcomes the obstacles in front of her. Even in the most difficult circumstances, she knows the way. These are traits only a #GirlBoss could have. Here’s when she proved it:

  1. When she sailed out to sea for the first time.

    Even though a clear path was set in front of her by her family, Moana knew her heart was leading her somewhere else. With the help of Gramma Tala, Moana was able to find her way out to sea. It did require a little rule breaking, and her first try at sailing didn’t go so great, but did that stop her? No! She tried again and eventually succeeded, like a #GirlBoss.

  2. When she promised Gramma Tala to follow her path.

    Even though she had fallen ill, Gramma Tala encouraged Moana to set out on her journey to return the heart of Te Fiti right away. It must have taken all the strength and courage Moana had to leave Gramma Tala’s side, but she journeyed on, knowing that Gramma Tala would always be with her along the way. That’s true bravery.

    Light the Torch Moana

  3. When she convinced Maui to help her.

    Even when Maui tried to steal her boat, Moana did not give up. With the help of her friends the Ocean and Heihei, Moana convinced Maui that he should help her return the heart of Te Fiti. Those are some impressive negotiation skills, and completely a #GirlBoss trait.

  4.  When she took on the Kakamora.

    Those Kakamora are adorable, but ferocious. We think if we saw all of those Kakamora ready to battle, we would turn the other way. Even Maui didn’t want to fight them. But Moana, knowing what was at stake, jumped right into the sea of Kakamora and got the heart of Te Fiti back, like a champion.

  5. When she journeyed to Tamatoa’s lair.

    Remember when Maui had Moana pose as bait, wearing a ton of shiny objects and making noise to get Tamatoa’s attention? One might think that would be scary, but Moana was not scared, and even managed to throw out some sass to Maui in the process. Yet again winning at life, and #GirlBoss-ness.

  6. When she sang, “I am Moana.”

    Yes! She is Moana! A #GirlBoss knows who she is and let’s the world know too.


  7. When she returned the heart of Te Fiti.

    We cried so many tears during this brave, amazing, inspirational moment. Moana is just everything. She is a #GirlBoss, a leader, and an explorer. We want to be just like her when we grow up.

Moana will be available digitally on Disney Movies Anywhere on February 21, and on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, Digital SD, DVD, and On-Demand on March 7. We’re planning our marathon now!

Posted 5 years Ago
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