5 Reasons All ’90s Disney Kids Need to See Live-Action Beauty and the Beast

This is not a drill: We are less than a week away from the highly-anticipated release of Walt Disney Studios’ live-action reimagining of Beauty and the Beast on March 17. If you don’t already have your tickets (which we suggest you remedy immediately), we’re here to explain (with very scientific reasoning) that if you were born between the golden years of 1989 and 2000, this movie is not a want; it is a need.

1. ‘90s Disney kids love Beauty and the Beast (duh).
90s VHS Disney
Remember the feeling you had when you first heard the opening music to Beauty and the Beast? You will have that feeling again. There will be chills. Before you know it you’ll be buying an adult-sized Belle costume to match the one you had as a kid.

2. ‘90s Disney kids love a good movie musical.
Pumbaa sings in The Lion King
We grew up on them: The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Lion King, Mulan, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan. These were the soundtracks of our childhood. Live-action Beauty and the Beast has all of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s perfect score, plus new songs by Menken and Tim Rice (who worked on The Lion King with Elton John). We defy you not to sing “Belle” in the car on your way home from the theater.

3. ‘90s Disney kids love nostalgia.
90s Kid Part Two - Beauty and the Beast Game
We know you had this epic handheld game. We know because we had it too. We also had a swimsuit featuring Ariel from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin sheets, and a Pocahontas lunch box. Live-action Beauty and the Beast was made for us, featuring so many little references to the original that we can point out to our friends and feel *pretty* cultured.

4. ‘90s Disney kids love a good plot.

Whether it’s Quasimodo’s dream to go “out there,” Ariel’s wish to be “where the people are,” Aladdin’s quest to prove he’s not a street rat, Mulan’s mission to spare her father, Tarzan’s search for belonging, or Belle’s yearning for something more, ‘90s kids are there; rooting on the dreamers. Because we’re dreamers too. We were brought up on movies that showed us dreams and action can do big things. This idea is taken to the next level in live-action Beauty and the Beast.

5. ‘90s Disney kids love Belle.
90s Disney cutouts
Anyone who grew up in the ‘90s has a deep connection with Belle. She helped shape our identities, made reading cool, and showed us that individuality was where its at. She was a new kind of princess and we adored her. We still do. In the new movie Belle becomes even more dimensional with a new, well-thought-out backstory, even more headstrong determination, and a decidedly modern point of view. She’s the adult we dream to be. So, basically nothing’s changed since we were kids.

So, fellow ‘90s kids: Get ready to feel all the things, prepare to have an emotional roller coaster ranging from laughter to tears, and bring your childhood besties to Beauty and the Beast on March 17. You’re gonna love it.

Posted 1 year Ago
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