7 Haikus About HeiHei That Will Inspire You

HeiHei from Moana is a unique being, who we honestly relate to in more ways than one. Sometimes we’re even pretty sure that we’re the Heihei of our friend group. We decided to write a few haikus about our favorite rooster, because we know the way. Let this poetry fill you with HeiHei’s light.

HeiHei the rooster
Helped Moana find the way
Because he’s clumsy

Kindness in his heart
Te Fiti’s heart in stomach
Don’t eat him, Maui

He is a chicken
Whose coordination is bad
Yet we love him so

He stumbles around
He often gets in the way
That chicken, HeiHei

Friend to Moana
The best chicken of all time
HeiHei forever

HeiHei knows the way
To get in Moana’s way
Praise him anyway

When I say HeiHei,
You say “HeiHei.” “HeiHei!” “Hei-”
Oops, ran out of space

Comment with a haiku about HeiHei of your own!

Posted 1 year Ago
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