7 Disney Pillows That Will Make You Wish a Prince Doesn’t Kiss You Awake

There’s nothing better than settling in for a glorious night of sleep or even just a quick nap to get you powered up for the rest of the day. We’ve personally never fallen into a slumber of indefinite length like some of our favorite Disney Princesses, but if we did, these are 100% the pillows we would choose:

1) Finding Dory Otters Pillow

This pillow is otter-ly adorable! Nothing like a cuddle party with a few cute otters.

2) Stitch Plush Pillow

We’ll be dreaming of beach days and birthday cakes when we sleep on this pillow!

3) “Once Upon a Time” Disney Parks Pillow

Find your happily ever after (in your dreams, at least!) with this pillow.

4) Pascal Pillow

This pillow is customizable, so you can make the stripes whatever color you want, and move Pascal to any location you please. You can also add text!

5) Dumbo Decorative Pillow

Perfect for inducing those flying dreams we’ve always had, this pillow looks soft and warm.

6) Moana Customizable Pillow

Another customizable pillow to make your own. It will show you the way … to sleep soundly.

7) Jack Skellington Plush Pillow

Don’t let this Jack Skellington pillow scare you out of sleeping! Just let visions of sugar plums dance in your head as you drift off to sleep.

Which Disney pillow would make you think twice about letting a Prince kiss you awake? Let us know in the comments.

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Posted 1 year Ago
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