13 Times Troy Bolton Was Literally Us During “Bet on It”

By now, we all know that Zac Efron’s performance as Troy Bolton during High School Musical 2’s “Bet on It” is iconic. During “Bet On It” (which you can bet is already one of the greatest memes of all time), Troy sings his heart out in an empty golf course. In the meantime, he gifts us a lot of relatable little moments—moments that had us thinking back to specific times in our lives. Here are some times that we felt Troy perfectly encapsulated our lives.

1) When we think there’s one more stair than there actually is, but make a perfect recovery:

2) When our crush is on the other side of the room, but is talking to someone else:

3) When we’re mad but still glamorous:

4) When someone says they can’t come to Disneyland with us:

5) Getting out of the car after a long road trip:

6) When our alarm goes off and we were in the middle of a nice dream:

7) When someone challenges us to a dance-off:

8) When we thought our phone was in one hand, but it’s not in the other hand either:

9) When we remember we left our assignment at home.

10) When the internet’s down:

11) When we go to the beach for the first time in a while but immediately remember we hate sand:

12) When everyone who was invited to the event RSVPs “Attending”:

13) When it’s finally time to go home after a long day:

What are some of your favorite Troy Bolton “Bet on It” moments? Let us know in the comments.

Posted 3 years Ago
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