30 Disney Store Items That Will Make Every ’90s Kid Feel Nostalgic

Picture this: You’ve gone back in time to the 1990’s and you’re hanging out at home, probably watching The Lion King on VHS. You then ask your parents, older sibling, or babysitter to drive you to one of your favorite places in the whole world. What is that place? The Disney store, of course! You hop in the car, clutching your Simba plush, arm covered in ’90s friendship bracelets (all Disney themed). You pull up to the mall and you know that today is going to be the best day ever. You make your way through the mall (you’ve memorized the location of the nearest Disney store, obvi) and finally you arrive. Behold: the Disney store. Also known as the greatest thing any ’90s Disney kid could ask for. The bright, magical lights, the giant screen playing your favorite Disney movies and TV shows, and the plushes! The plushes and the toys! If this made you feel nostalgic, get ready to feel more feelings! These are some of the amazing items you might have seen back in the day:

  1. All the Disney Plushes!

    We’ll take all of these, please.
  2. Aladdin Stick-On Jewelry

    We literally wore these every single day.
  3. Aladdin Rubber Stamp Set

    Our teachers never got a homework assignment back that didn’t have one of these stamps on them.
  4. Genie’s Lamp

    We made so many wishes on this lamp.
  5. The Cave of Wonders

    We reenacted Aladdin and Abu’s escape over and over again with our friends!
  6. Toy Story Original Buzz Lightyear

    Our hero!
  7. The Lion King Stationary

    Remember pen pals? You better believe we sent them letters on this Lion King stationary.
  8. The Lion King Sheets

    Literally the only thing that made having to go to sleep early on school nights cool.

  9. Snow White Place Settings

    We felt so cool when our friends came over and saw these plates and utensils.
  10. Snow White Magic Mirror

    We asked this magic mirror several questions.
  11. 101 Dalmatians Glitter Cups

    Glitter makes everything better.
  12. The Little Mermaid Music Box

    We hid all of our treasures in this gorgeous music box!
  13. The Little Mermaid Plushes

    Heart eyes emojis!
  14. More The Little Mermaid Plushes!

    More heart eyes emojis!
  15. Disneyland Metropoly

    This game was everything with our friends.

  16. Winnie the Pooh Tub Mates

    Even bath time was Disney-themed!
  17. Mickey Mouse Phone

    We begged our parents to get us this amazing phone!
  18. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Cookie Jars

    Cookies and Mickey and Minnie? Best combination ever!
  19. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Construction Site Figurines

    Could they be any cuter?
  20. Mickey Mouse Club Drummer

    Obviously, it was our life goal to be in the Mickey Mouse Club.
  21. Beauty and the Beast Doll Set

    We remember reenacting the famous ballroom scene with these dolls!
  22. Beauty and the Beast Toys

    It’s like they stepped right out of the movie!
  23. A Bug’s Life Talking Flik Doll

    Flik was our BFF.
  24. Pocahontas Doll Set

    Pocahontas was goals.
  25. All the Disney Mugs!

    We tried to collect them all, and succeeded.
  26. All the Disney Shirts!

    There’s nothing better than a classic Mickey shirt. To see more ’90s Disney Store fashion, head to our friends at Disney Style!
  27. All the Disney Hats!

    Perfect for a trip to a Disney Park.
  28. Mickey Mouse Disney Store Cast Member Plush

    Soooooo cute!
  29. Disney Store Cast Member ’90s Costumes

    We totally remember seeing our favorite Cast Members in these!
  30. All the toys!

    Make sure to head on over to Oh My Disney YouTube to check out our live video at the Disney store Headquarters!

We feel so much nostalgia and joy right now! Thank you to the Disney store for making all of our dreams come true as kids, and as adults, for the past 30 years. BRB, going to bring out all of our vintage ’90s Disney toys!

What was your favorite ’90s Disney store item? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 1 year Ago
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