We’re Live Blogging From the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Panel at Star Wars Celebration

It’s Day Two of Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and the first panel is Star Wars: The Last Jedi! We’re sure there will be amazing surprises and excitement as we learn more about the upcoming Star Wars film. As always, may the Force be with you. Here are our live updates:

Michelle Lema April 14, 20177:57 am

The Galaxy Stage at Star Wars Celebration is full of excitement!

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:48 am

We’re watching a video of the amazing Josh Gad Instagram posts where he interrogates Daisy Ridley about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. And Josh Gad walks out!! He’s hosting this panel!!

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:49 am

“He is on his way to standing beside many of the great filmmakers that I’ve had the opportunity to work with.” – Kathleen Kennedy about Rian Johnson

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:50 am

Josh Gad asks Rian about what it was like filming in Ireland, and if locals noticed that Star Wars characters were walking around. They did! How amazing would that be?

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:52 am

We see some photos from the set, including one of Poe Dameron!

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:52 am

Josh Gad asks Kathleen about Carrie Fisher. “Carrie is remarkable in the movie.” – Kathleen Kennedy on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:53 am

We see a photo of Carrie on set with Rian Johnson and it’s gorgeous.

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:53 am

Josh Gad says, “Speaking of Star Wars heroines…” and introduces Daisy Ridley, our Rey!!!

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:54 am

Josh asks Daisy: “Are you and Luke related by blood?” Daisy does not respond. Haha! Classic Gad.

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:55 am

Josh also asks Daisy: “Are you a Skywalker?” and “Is your name Rey Skywalker?” and “Are you like the Madonna of Jakku?”

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:55 am

“It’s difficult to meet your heroes because it might be different than you expect.” – Daisy Ridley. What?!!!!!! What does it all mean?!

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:56 am

“As a father of two girls – I feel incredible about the fact that there are all of these strong empowered females in the Star Wars universe.” – Josh Gad

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:56 am

“What are you most excited about?” – Josh Gad to Daisy Ridley

Mariana Uribe April 14, 20178:57 am

“I think what we’re all most excited about: Luke’s first words.” – Daisy Ridley

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:41 am

BB-8 takes the stage!!!

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:43 am

Josh Gad asks BB-8 if he can call him “8” and Josh pretends to answer for BB-8 by saying, “Please call me BB-8…unlike Daisy I have a full name and I intend to use it”, referring to Josh’s question to Daisy about Rey’s last name. Hilarious.

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:44 am

Josh Gad then asks BB-8, “Who is the last Jedi?” BB-8 does not reply and Josh jokes that he signed an NDA.

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:46 am

Josh Gad announces, “Please welcome everyone’s favorite former Stormtrooper, John Boyega!” YAY IT’S FINN!!

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:48 am

Josh asks Daisy and John about their meteoric rise to fame since The Force Awakens and John says that even though he’s been working on other movies in between “it’s good to be home” at Star Wars Celebration.

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:49 am

Josh asks John Boyega to fill us in about Finn, since last we saw him he wasn’t doing too well.

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:49 am

John’s response: “Is he going to be a part of the Resistance or is he going to keep running away from the First Order? We’ll see.” Not much info there, but we respect that John didn’t want to spoil anything!

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:51 am

Josh Gad then asks Rian Johnson if there are any new characters we can look forward to seeing, and he introduces Kelly Marie Tran!

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:52 am

Kelly Marie Tran will be playing Rose, a character in the Resistance and a maintenance worker.

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:52 am

Josh asks Kelly about taking on a role in the Star Wars universe, and Kelly replies, “I just want to do it justice!”

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:53 am

Josh announces “the one and only Mark Hamill!” We saw him in yesterday’s panel and we’re so glad to see him again! Can’t get enough Luke Skywalker!

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:54 am

“One of the reasons I loved Rogue One so much was that I wasn’t in them. I could just relax and enjoy.” – Mark Hamill, being hilarious per usual

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:54 am

“He is so significantly important to this film.” – Kathleen Kennedy on Luke Skywalker’s role in The Last Jedi

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:58 am

“I look out [at this panel] and I see Olaf [referring to Josh Gad], I see Wonder Woman [referring to Kathleen Kennedy]…I see my dau- I mean my colleague [referring to Daisy Ridley], my son [referring to John Boyega].” -Mark Hamill talking about his fellow Star Wars team, and joking about The Last Jedi speculations

Michelle Lema April 14, 20179:59 am

“If she were any cuter she’d be a Disney cartoon.” – Mark Hamill about Kelly Marie Tran, who plays Rose in The Last Jedi

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:00 am

“Maybe they should just print ‘To Be Continued’ on my forehead.” – Mark Hamill on playing Luke Skywalker

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:00 am

“I thank you all so much. It’s really moving how we’ve affected so many.” – Mark Hamill

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:02 am

Ahhhh! They just showed the new poster for The Last Jedi and it is everything!! We see Rey, pointing up to the sky with her lightsaber, and above her, half of Luke Skywalker’s face and half of Kylo Ren’s face! Amazing!

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:03 am

Here we go! We’re going to be the first to see the trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Can’t handle out excitement! Everyone is cheering, and then in complete silence as the trailer begins.

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:33 am

The trailer was so epic!!! Everyone cheered when we saw Rey and Luke! And that shot of Kylo Ren!! Ahhhhh!!! See our reaction here.

Michelle Lema April 14, 201710:34 am

Kathleen Kennedy announces that everyone in the audience will go home with a poster for Star Wars: The Last Jedi!! The Force is with us all. What a day. More to come as we continue to cover Star Wars Celebration from Orlando!

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