7 Haikus About Hans From Frozen

It’s National Haiku Poetry Day! We’ve previously blessed you with Haikus about Heihei, but now it’s time to write haikus about someone a lot more nefarious: Hans from Frozen! This power-hungry dude had no business messing with Anna, Elsa, and all of Arendelle, and it’s time to talk about it. With poetry.

Hans in Frozen

He of frozen heart
Prince Hans of the Southern Isles
Kristoff is better

Condescending Hans
Is it because of your bros?
Regardless, you’re rude

Duplicitous Hans
He finishes sandwiches
Doesn’t finish goals

Prince Hans is a man
Who cares about his grooming
Check out those sideburns!

Up around the ice
Your singing voice is so nice
But you are less so

Everything he did
Was in service of himself
And only himself

You’re really bad, but
Can I say something crazy?
Your suit jacket’s cool


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Posted 1 year Ago
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