Disney References You Might Have Missed in Descendants

We’re only a couple months away from Descendants 2, which means it’s time to brush up on everything we learned from the original Descendants. If you’re like us, you were probably too busy jamming out to “Rotten to the Core” to realize these Disney references the first time you watched Descendants:

1. Familiar lands within the United States of Auradon.

If you blinked at all during the beginning of Descendants, you might have missed some familiar locations included in the United States of Auradon, including Skull Island (Peter Pan) and the Great Wall (Mulan).


2. Lime green.

As we’ve examined before, the use of lime green is a common indicator of evil throughout many a Disney movie. In Descendants there are a few references to the color, including Mal’s eyes when she confronts her mother, Maleficent, who also has bright green eyes.


3. Jafar’s lamp obsession.

Sure, any Disney fan knows about Jafar’s obsession with finding the magic lamp, but did you also notice how he always has someone else do his bidding? First it was Aladdin, and now it’s his son, Jay. As a professional villain, Jafar knows that it’s best to have someone else go through the work for your evil deeds.


4. Auradon Prep’s yellow and blue school colors.

Beast and Belle are the King and Queen of the United States of Auradon, so it makes sense.


5. The awesome Disney hair.

Is it just us, or do Disney characters always have really great hair? In Descendants, Mal helps out Jane, daughter of Fairy Godmother, and Lonnie, daughter of Mulan and Shang, by using magic to change their hairstyles. In fact, the results are so awesome that practically half the student population at Auradon Prep comes to Mal for a little hair magic.


6. Maleficent’s party crashing.

Seriously, what is it with this woman and showing up at events she was not invited to?


7. The refrigerator at the evil compound.

Maleficent’s infamous “fools!” quote is spelled out in magnetic letters on the fridge, as well as the word “revenge,” which we think is pretty telling as to who we’re dealing with.


What other Disney references did you notice in Descendants? Let us know in the comments.

Posted 1 year Ago
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