Aussie Influencers (including a cat) Take on the Guardians Gauntlet

GAUNTLET; noun, a group of mismatched individuals with a common goal.

It was the ultimate mystery – six invitations given out to a secret location with no more information given. But who was invited – who are these six individuals?

AlrightHey: With a cool 80,000 followers on Youtube and a recent national tour, Alright Hey is hilarious – just watch this ‘Things People Say at Restaurants’ video.

Jacko Brazier:  A vlogger and a bit of a cheeky streak – one that has a whopping 300,000 followers.

Cartia Mallan: This fashion blogger knows a thing or two about beauty and shares her best tips with her 400,000 strong followers.

Emma and Jackson: Tech Queen and King Emma and Jackson are on top of all things games, movies and new gear as hosts on Disney XD.

Baconcup: yep, it’s a cat (with a casual 50,000 followers). He’s pretty adorable – although we’re not sure how much help he will be!

Talk about #squadgoals – just look at that group!

But anyway – back to the Gauntlet. With tickets to Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 at stake, this new team was put through three challenges to survive and work together, despite their obvious differences. Can anyone speak cat? Meow?

CHALLENGE #1: Search for the boombox

CHALLENGE #2: Climb for your character

CHALLENGE #3: Pose like the poster

Check out the hilarious video below to see how they did.

SUCCESS! High fives all round team!

Have you got your tickets to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 yet? Don’t forget to gather your own Gauntlet and check it out – in cinemas now!



Posted 1 year Ago
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