5 Reasons Why Cruz Ramirez From Cars 3 Should Be Your New Favorite Cars Character

Cruz Ramirez is a talented racecar trainer, who in Cars 3 takes on the task of training Lightning McQueen so that he can race against the next generation of cars, like Jackson Storm. When we saw the movie in theatres, we instantly fell in love with Cruz. And now we can watch her in Cars 3 on digital and Blu-ray! Here are the reasons why we think you will love Cruz Ramirez:

1. She’s an independent car who is good at what she does.

She knows who she is and is unabashedly herself—even if that means she might face conflicts with Lightning McQueen. Here’s a sentence we never thought we’d say: this car is going to be a really great role model for kids.

2. She’s voiced by Cristela Alonzo.

Cristela Alonzo, previously of the ABC show Cristela, does an excellent job voicing Cruz. She brings a lot of life and a sense of openness to Cruz, and you can truly hear that she had a lot of fun playing the part.

3. She uses incredible high-tech racing equipment.

We seriously love all of the gadgets and technology Cruz utilizes for training purposes.

4. She teaches Lightning McQueen a thing or two, but isn’t invincible.

Cruz has a thing or two to learn about herself, and she knows it. That vulnerability makes Cruz incredibly relatable, and a powerful character for young women to look up to.

5. People who worked on the movie love her, too!

We spoke with Jude Brownbill, Directing Animator of Cars 3, who said:

“I love her journey throughout this film, I love her story, and I loved learning about Cristela Alonzo, and seeing what she brought to this character. And just Cruz in general—I think it’s great that there’s this female character that doesn’t really fit into that box of what society expects female characters to be.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Posted 4 years Ago
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