11 Things All Adult Disney Fans Know to Be True

Let’s face it: being an adult Disney fan is something that not all people understand. Your obsession with going to Disney Parks, your ability to quote Disney movies at the drop of a hat, your endless supply of Disney clothing and merchandise—it’s not something everyone “gets.” But for those of us in the know, the Disney magic doesn’t need to stop when you hit a certain age. Here are 11 things all adult Disney fans know to be true:

1) You’re never too old to love Disney.

Let’s cover this first, because it’s the most important. Disney is not just for kids, despite what some people think. The magic continues and evolves as you get older, in ways we will discuss below.

2) You can dress up as your favorite characters in subtle ways, anytime!

There are many perfectly acceptable and stylish (not to mention creative!) way to dress like Disney characters at all times. Just ask John Stamos.

3) Easter eggs are the gift that keep on giving.

And discovering them all by yourself is that much more rewarding.

4) Disney movies are just as moving now as they were when you were a kid—or even moreso!

They get better with age. And the tears get bigger.

5) Going to a Disney Park with only other adults is a magical experience.

You can move at your own speed, go on only roller coasters (but let’s face it—you’ll go on everything), take long breaks when your feet hurt, and you probably don’t even need a map to get around because you know the Parks so well.

6) You relate more to the parental Disney characters than you ever thought you would.

As you grow older, the characters you relate to change. Where you once wanted to be just like Simba, you now relate to Sarabi and Mufasa’s concern over their child, making it that much more emotional to watch.

7) There’s nothing like showing your favorite Disney movies to kids for the first time.

It’s truly a wonder to see the reactions of children the first time they see a Disney movie. Sometimes they react to the stories in ways you didn’t expect, helping you discover new things about them as well.

8) The sweet victory that is being able to buy your own Disney merchandise.

No need to ask your parents for permission—you’re an adult! You worked hard for your money, and if you want to spend it on a backpack that looks like a porg, you can (and you should)!

9) Anything and everything can be related back to Disney.

With a history this long and celebrated, it’s only logical.

10) You can know a lot about a person based on their Disney choices.

For example: what do these celebs’ choices say about them? Do you see them a little differently now that you know their preference?

11) There aren’t enough hours in the day to consume all of the Disney content.

Us IRL trying to find more time to spend on Disney things:

If you’re an adult who loves Disney, what are some other things you know to be true? Let us know in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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