7 Reasons Why Newsies: The Broadway Musical Movie Is Our Literal Favorite Thing Ever

Anyone on the Oh My Disney team who talked to me the day after I saw the movie theater presentation of Newsies: The Broadway Musical can attest that I cornered every single one of them and told them they had to see it ASAP. I also walked around all day loudly singing “Seize the Day” and “Santa Fe” and exclaiming phrases like “Jeremy Jordan is my favorite” and “Kara Lindsey is goals.” Jeremy originated the role of Jack Kelly and Kara originated the role of Katherine on Broadway, and I’m convinced they are perfect humans.

As a huge Newsies fan, of both the 1992 film and the more recent Broadway musical, I was of course first in line to see the movie version of the Broadway musical, which was filmed live on stage with most of the original cast. I went with two friends, one who was also a Newsies fan (aka Fansie), and one who had never seen Newsies at all! It was epic. I laughed, I cried, I absolutely fell in love with the entire cast, and I’ve never felt more inspired after a movie viewing experience. As a theater kid growing up, and a Disney movie fan for life, it was the perfect combination of theater and film that we rarely get to see. I literally stopped everyone I met for a full week to tell them this, and now I’m telling all of you because the world must know. Here’s why you absolutely need to get your hands on a copy (available now!) of Newsies: The Broadway Musical movie:

  1. The brilliant cast performances are up close and personal.

    I’ve been to the Broadway touring performance of Newsies, which was amazing, and this is an even more in depth look at the intricate performances of the cast. From the very beginning, when Jeremy Jordan and Andrew Keenan-Bolger (Crutchie) sing “Santa Fe,” you can see how emotionally connected they are to the characters and story, and you’ll immediately be all in.

  2. Even though the musical is on a movie screen, it feels like you’re right there on stage.

    I seriously forgot I wasn’t watching the musical live. The film so naturally takes you from close ups to full ensemble dance views that you feel like you’re flying around the stage. Epic!

  3. The dance numbers bring down the house.

    There are a lot of jaw-dropping dance numbers where the amazing ensemble get to show off their unbelievable talent, and with this movie you can get up close and personal and see the intricate details, pure strength, and pure joy of each of the members of the cast.

  4. Kara Lindsey and Jeremy Jordan performing “Something to Believe In” was unbelievably perfect.

    This is a moment that really made me cry tears of joy. Jack and Katherine (Jeremy and Kara’s characters respectively) sing this love song and not only are their voices stronger than we’ve ever heard them, but their connection to the song is powerful and moving.

  5. Jeremy Jordan’s performance as Jack Kelly.

    Jermey Jordan is perfect as Jack Kelly. His accent, his fierce protection of his friends, and his quick humor are even more real when seeing it up close and live on stage in the movie version. Every time he started singing, my friends and I looked at each other like, “OMG!”

  6. Andrew Keenan-Bolger as Crutchie will make you cry as well.

    There’s a point where Crutchie is locked up and sings the words of a letter to Jack Kelly. I looked over at my friends and we were all sobbing. The tears were real, and so was our love for Crutchie.

  7. The ensemble cast will inspire you to jump in and carry the banner with them.

    I can’t say enough about this cast. I know I’ve mentioned how amazing their performances are 700 times since I’ve seen the movie to anyone who will listen and in this article, but I really, truly mean it. I was inspired to keep chasing my dreams, because the cast and the characters they played were giving it everything they’ve got.

When I first saw Newsies: The Broadway Musical movie, after the epic conclusion, my friends and I sat there for a long time and then one of them whispered, “I think that was the best movie experience I’ve ever had in my life.” And we all nodded. Even my friend who had never seen Newsies before was all in from that moment on. Then we went outside and spent an hour taking Boomerangs of ourselves jumping like Newsies. It was perfect.

In conclusion, I heart Newsies: The Broadway Musical, and I literally just purchased a copy of the live stage movie so I can watch it whenever I need inspiration. You should too! Newsies and Fansies forever!

Posted 1 year Ago
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