7 Pieces of Life Advice From Gramma Tala

There are so many inspiring moments in Moana, many of which are centered around one of our favorite characters, Gramma Tala. Gramma Tala encourages Moana to follow her own path, and also inspires us all to be true to ourselves. She’s basically everything we want to be when we grow up. Here’s some life advice from Gramma Tala that we absolutely love:

  1. Legends can be true.

    The very beginning of Moana opens with Gramma Tala retelling the story of how the heart of Te Fiti was stolen. She says that “one day the heart will be found by someone who will journey beyond our reef, find Maui, deliver him across the great ocean to restore Te Fiti’s heart, and save us all.” Chief Tui discourages her from telling the tale to the children of the village, but Gramma Tala knows it will become true. Her story about the heart of Te Fiti reminds us all to follow our own hearts, no matter what other people think.

  2. Take moments to dance by the water.

    Gramma Tala can often be seen near the ocean, dancing. She calls the water “mischievous” and encourages Moana to connect with the ocean. Gramma Tala demonstrates that it’s important for us all to unplug and treasure quiet moments to take in the beautiful world and nature around us.

  3. When you find out what you like, go after it.

    More specifically, Gramma Tala sings to Moana, “Once you know what you like, well there you are.” She knows what she likes, and who she is, and she doesn’t apologize for it. We love that!

  4. Listen to the voice inside you.

    Gramma Tala advises Moana to listen to her heart, and to the voice telling her where to go. We’ve all had those gut feelings that tell us the right thing to do, or where we’re meant to be, and the hardest part is listening to that voice. Gramma Tala once again for the win, encouraging us to get after our dreams.

  5. Once you know your voice, help others do the same.

    Gramma Tala waits until Moana is ready to see the history of her ancestors, and then helps her find the answers by asking the right questions. Sometimes the best way to tell someone something important is to make like Gramma Tala and ask them, “Is there something you want to hear?”

  6. Know that your loved ones are always with you.

    In order for Moana to find her voice, she had to leave her island and Gramma Tala’s side. Sometimes when we’re finding out who we are and chasing our dreams, our loved ones aren’t always right next to us. But as Gramma Tala said to Moana, “There is no where you could go that I won’t be with you.”

  7. Remember who you are and where you came from.

    We could not be more inspired by Gramma Tala’s wisdom, and this particular advice rings true throughout Moana. As Gramma Tala sings to Moana, “The people you love will change you. The things you have learned will guide you. And nothing on earth can silence the quiet voice still inside you.” Remembering our ancestors and their stories will remind us where we were and where we need to go.

In short, Gramma Tala is everything. BRB, going to watch Moana again as we cry tears of joy.

Music and lyrics for “Where You Are” and “I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)” were written by Opetaia Foa’i, Mark Mancina, and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Posted 11 months Ago
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