7 Things All Adult Lion King Fans Know to Be True

If you grew up in the ’90s, one thing was certain: The Lion King was life. You had every word memorized, you owned the VHS, you played the soundtrack (on tape!) during every road trip, and you probably owned a plush or two. Anyone remember the giant Pumbaa and Timon plushes from the Disney Store that came with their own plush grubs? Amazing! And don’t get us started on our Lion King stationary, T -shirts, and hair accessories. We couldn’t get enough of it. Now that we’re adults, our level of fandom has not changed. While we might not rock Simba and Nala hair accessories on a daily basis, we still know the following to be true:

  1. Hakuna Matata is a way of life.

    As we get older, we tend to have more things to worry about. Whenever life gets overwhelming, we just think about our pals Timon and Pumbaa, and try to put things into perspective. Sure, we have to get our work and chores done, but the faster we do that, the sooner we can blast “Hakuna Matata” and sing along, just like we did when we were kids.

  2. Being prepared is really good advice.
    Disney Smolder Fails_Scar

    Even though Scar is super villainous, his signature song “Be Prepared” is actually great advice for adult Lion King fans. While we don’t want to be prepared to be evil like Scar, we certainly see the benefit of being prepared in our daily lives. Great message, Scar, except for the part about you taking over the Pride Lands.

  3. Simba was definitely our first crush.

    And so was the voice of Simba, the great Jonathan Taylor Thomas, also known as JTT. We had posters of Simba and JTT, and made scrapbooks with our friends describing how much we loved them. As adults, we still feel this way. Shout out to JTT.

  4. Anything can be Rafiki’d, and it will always be funny.

    This will never get old. When we’re hiking, Rafiki-ing the nearest object is a must. It’s especially perfect for our Instagram feeds. We also really look forward to new additions to our families, because when we get a new pet, that pet is going to get Rafiki’d at some point. What a photo op!

  5. When in doubt, think like Mufasa.

    Best advice ever besides “be prepared,”? “Remember who you are.” Now that we’re adults and are thinking about things like goals and values and the future, Mufasa’s speech to Simba is even more poignant. It actually makes us cry in a different way than it did when we were kids. Now we understand even more how wise Mufasa was and how influential he was to us when we were younger.

  6. There’s always one Zazu in your life.
    Zazu in The Lion King

    We were totally on board with Simba and Nala when they tried to ditch Zazu, who at the time seemed super responsible and boring. Now that we look back on it, Zazu really cared for Simba and Nala, and just wanted them to be safe. Simba also wouldn’t have become the King he grew up to be without Zazu’s guidance. Also, Zazu’s sarcastic wit will always be our goals.

  7. Belting out “Circle of Life” will always make us feel better.

    Long road trip? Long day? Big project you have to handle? It’s time to blast “Circle of Life” and sing along. There’s something about the song that reminds us of the first time we saw The Lion King, and how filled with wonder and excitement we were. That’s enough to motivate us to get through any day, and any week.

In short, The Lion King is life, and always will be. What do you know to be true as an adult Lion King fan? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 3 years Ago
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